Notarize Welcomes Larry D’Angelo as President and Chief Commercial Officer

Notarize is rewiring industries to bring trust to life and business’ most important moments and make them more convenient, secure, and verifiable – and we'll fulfill that mission by combining exceptional technology with the right team to execute.

Today, we’re announcing that Larry D’Angelo is joining the Notarize leadership team as our President and Chief Commercial Officer. 

Since our founding, our team has captured key verticals and served clients from all walks of life and that rapidly accelerated during a pandemic that has pushed individuals and businesses alike into unique moments of need. After a year of unprecedented growth for our business and all those that we serve, we’re here now in this unique window of opportunity. 

Notarize has pioneered the online notarization category, and we continue to refine and reimagine the solutions we offer so that we can better help the segments we serve – across real estate, auto, financial services and infinite others. The rapid digitization of industries isn’t slowing down – it’s only accelerating, and we’re more than ready to meet our customers and partners at this moment. In this spirit, we’re thrilled to welcome Larry D’Angelo to the team.

Already intimately involved in our business, Larry has served on the Notarize Board of Directors for the past two years. An accomplished and well-respected industry veteran, Larry ran LogMeIn’s go-to-market as their Chief Sales Officer. With 1,200+ people in his organization, Larry built LogMeIn into a $1.3B revenue business and the world’s 7th largest SaaS company. And prior to LogMeIn, Larry spent the past two years in Private Equity working with both Cove Hill Partners and M33 Growth’s portfolio companies. As part of his experience Larry led numerous startups and corporate divisions through various stages of growth. A very difficult challenge, accomplished several times over. 

“I’ve watched Notarize’s trajectory over the years, first as an observer, then as a board member as the team pioneered and defined the category and rewired a far better, simpler solution to the incumbent experience allowing the pace of business velocity to increase,” said Larry D’Angelo.

“Digital transformation is well underway across almost every category you can think of, and demand for the technology platform Notarize pioneered has never been greater. I’m looking forward to leading the world-class team to grow Notarize’s already strong customer and partner ecosystem into the next phase and beyond.” 

Larry’s expertise, creativity, and thoughtfulness is why he was initially asked to serve on our Board. Before and after the appointment, people said time and again how much they respected Larry – not just for what he knows and what he’s accomplished, but more importantly for how he’s built and led teams. As we looked to reinforce our culture and build our executive team for our next phase of growth and expansion, it was very clear that the person we needed was already seated at our table. 

We asked (it never hurts to ask!), and Larry was ready and willing to jump into this opportunity and challenge alongside our stellar senior leadership team of Wendy Ivanoski, Kate Brigham, Nicole Booth, Denise Forestier, Sanjeev Banerji, Cristin Culver, and others to help grow Notarize into 2021 and beyond. I can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish for our customers, together. 

Welcome, Larry!