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Alliance Virtual Offices & Notarize: Empowering Small Business Owners

Alliance Virtual Offices
January 14, 2022
5 min

The modern office has come a long way in a short period of time. Traditional offices once shaped our understanding of community and culture. It’s remarkable how quickly the remote, flexible work environment has taken its place.

Most people now work remotely  – at least to some degree – and an ever-growing number of workers are turning to self-employment and contract work. The support they need is different from what they could get in traditional office settings. 

That’s where Alliance Virtual Offices comes into play, focusing on providing small business owners and independent contractors the tools they need to succeed in the modern world of work.

Since partnering with Notarize, Alliance has been able to provide their customers with notary services 7 times faster than before, leading to tremendous growth for Alliance Virtual Offices as a company – and by extension, making life easier for the businesses they serve.

Here’s why Alliance Virtual Offices is proud to partner with Notarize.

What is Alliance Virtual Offices?

Alliance Virtual Offices is working to build the office of the future by providing alternatives to traditional office rentals. Our virtual offices provide our customers with a convenient, flexible, and affordable alternative to commercial rentals, all while providing them the amenities they need to run their businesses successfully. 

A major component is providing them the structure they would normally get from in-person services. Things such as receptionists, office spaces, and notaries all need modern updates.We do everything we can to solve the problems facing small business owners. We pride ourselves on delivering the sleekest solutions for our users, but we couldn’t do it on our own.

Arming Alliance customers with confidence

Alliance Virtual Offices customers need more than just flexibility. They need confidence in the legitimacy and integrity of their office leases – some of which are used for business registration. Many customers are small business owners, meaning any oversight within the lease could result in a massive setback for the business.

Notarize helps Alliance customers by offering a simpler, smarter, and safer way to receive notarized documents. Since partnering with Notarize, Alliance users enjoy the added reassurance that our leasing documents will serve them in all their entrepreneurial endeavors across the country.

This expediency allows our customers to quickly get their leases signed, granting them more immediate access to the virtual office services they need to run their businesses. These services keep them from stalling in their operations, something small businesses simply can’t afford to do.

Those using the lease for registration purposes benefit as well. The fast turnaround allows them to register their businesses as quickly as possible, legitimizing their operations and making it easier to pursue their dreams.

Here’s what our CEO Frank Cottle has to say about how Notarize has helped our customers:

"In the current marketplace, business owners are finding new ways to operate and scale. Since 1992, the Alliance Network has been helping them do just that. With 1100+ locations and 4000+ meeting rooms, Notarize helps our customers with what can be a time-consuming process."

Connecting partners with prospects sooner

Alliance partners operate by integrating with their virtual office services. Alliance partners bring added value to their customers by providing further convenience and ease of use in their business operations.

However, Alliance partners cannot offer these services before our customers sign their leases. By making the leasing process fast, easy, and less confusing, Notarize helps their customers get to the point where they can actually benefit from partner offerings.

Additionally, by immediately starting the process of leasing with a convenient and user-friendly format, Notarize sets the tone for our integrations. Their fantastic first impression sets our partners up for success, allowing customers to start their journey with a positive experience. 

These positive experiences encourage customers to explore further services connected to Alliance Virtual Offices. Customers come to quickly realize our partners are focused on making their lives easier and helping their businesses grow.

From there, they are far more likely to incorporate our other partners into their operations. By setting a strong expectation for excellence, Notarize helps all of our partners grow their user bases.

As Cottle puts it, "Partners like Notarize provide value by giving Alliance Virtual Offices the ability to provide businesses not only what they want — but what they are legally mandated to have. This is a win-win for Alliance and our diverse range of clients and business owners. Notarize takes the tedium out of the notary process."

Teaming up to reach new heights

Notarize isn’t just benefiting those we serve: It’s also helping our team at Alliance grow in new and exciting ways. This partnership has boosted our reach and impact in ways we wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Notarize has made life easier for our customers by quickly getting them into their leases. That helps us position Alliance as the ideal solution for business owners that need virtual offices for registration.

This helps us attract more customers, especially those who are highly focused on their own business operations. Notarize makes this process easy and eliminates the need for our renters to try to understand yet another complex system to set up their business. 

Notarize also has an extremely versatile integration that has helped our onboarding process become more efficient and less prone to fraud. Because Notarize makes both identity verification and signature witnessing so simple and remote, we’ve been able to integrate their services across our expansive network. A more complex and tedious system would have made it impossible to connect our customers so easily with notaries and caused massive delays in our operations.

With Notarize, we’ve experienced great success, both in the initial incorporation of their services and with the results of those services.

Building the future of business

By offering on-demand notary services, Alliance has become the obvious choice for small business owners who need a quick and easy solution for their business operations. The speed of setup gives us a decided edge over our competition, as business owners are frequently pressed for time as they attempt to handle the various complexities of setup. 

Additionally, the foolproof nature of Notarize’s identity verification process offers us assurance in the validity of our leases.

Not having to worry about this element of the legal procedures involved in leasing our virtual offices allows us to focus on better serving our customers and expanding our offerings. This freedom has contributed significantly to our success as a company, and we have no doubt it will continue to support us as we expand into the future.

Finally, Notarize’s streamlined file storage has made it easier than ever for us to keep track of the important leasing documents we need without requiring us to incorporate entirely new systems. Because Notarize provides everyone involved in the lease with easy access to their documents, our customers can pull their leases up whenever needed without having to go through us directly.

This has made our services more convenient for our customers without making our operations any more complex. Our customers are more satisfied than ever with our leasing process, and that has led to better reviews and more referrals for our services.

An integration where everyone benefits

Incorporating Notarize into our operations has supported our growth in all avenues.

Our customers experience a simple and straightforward leasing process that keeps them from getting lost in the tedium of learning a whole new software. They are less stressed and more satisfied with our services, resulting in more customer retention and better reviews.

Our partners also benefit in that they are meeting the customer in an ideal frame of mind. Because Notarize helps our customers start their leases with ease, they come in with a positive emotional connection to all our integrations, leading to better interactions with our partners’ offerings.

We are proud to use Notarize for our notary services and look forward to a thriving future together.

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Alliance Virtual Offices

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