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Benefits of Online Notarization for Construction Companies

Online notarization can save construction companies time and money, allowing them to sign and notarize documents from anywhere — including a construction site.
Jennifer Gustavson
June 10, 2022
2 min

Construction involves a lot of administration and paperwork. There are permit applications to file, contracts, background checks and more that can take up days’ worth of time every week. 

By digitizing paperwork and utilizing eSignature and remote online notarization, you no longer have to leave the construction site and lose valuable time on projects. Online notarization is a secure, legal and efficient way to get documents notarized from any smartphone, tablet or desktop. By choosing an online notarization platform like Notarize, you can save time, save money and keep your construction company focused on the things that really matter.

Seamless transactions

With the NotarizeSM platform, all you need is a device with audio and video technology. In a few simple steps, you can meet with a live notary who will verify your identity and walk you through the signature and notarization process. This means you can get documents notarized right from the construction site — within minutes.

The Notarize platform has properly-commissioned notaries available 24/7, so you don’t have to wait for a notary to be available in your office, at the bank or at the shipping store. Additionally, online notarizations can be more secure than in-person notarizations. Notarize offers encrypted transactions and an audit trail for every notarization, so if there’s ever a question about whether a document was signed, you’ll have access to the recording from the platform.

Get more done in less time while saving money

Having to get documents notarized in person is an inefficient and outdated process. You have to find an available notary and take the time to visit them. It’s not just a hassle, it’s costing companies time and money.

Remote online notarization represents a leap forward — and is markedly faster than traveling for an in-person visit. The time savings means job foremen and contractors can focus on the business at hand rather than spending time in traffic or waiting for a notary to become available.

Finding the best online notarization platform

A good online notarization platform should provide a seamless, quick and easy experience. Your business doesn’t have time for notary providers with clunky functionality or problematic security. Notarize has consistently been named one of the best overall online notarization platforms. Save time and money on the admin tasks that can slow down projects so your construction business can operate more efficiently.

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Jennifer Gustavson

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