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Starting at $25 per transaction, complete an online notarization in less than 15 minutes.

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Signers complete their notarization in less than 15 minutes on average

For individuals who need to get personal documents notarized
$25Β for first seal
$10 per additional seal
  • 24/7 access to on-demand notaries
  • Compliant notarization and eSign process
  • Unlimited document uploads
  • Connect with a notary in less than a second
  • Desktop, mobile web, and app options
  • Single or multi-signer capabilities
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What you need

Have these materials handy and get your document notarized

  • Have your document ready. It can be a PDF, DOCX or on paper
  • Have your ID ready
  • You'll need 6 minutes. Average time it takes to get something notarized
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The staff made it a very enjoyable experience; very helpful and kind in their service. The pricing was excellent, so I would recommend them to everyone who needs a notary service of any kind. After this experience, personally, I would prefer to use only this company.

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β€” Β Aretha

The process was quick and efficient. Agent was professional. So nice to do this quickly online instead of waiting in line at the store or scheduling an appointment.


Charlene McNeil Charley

I have always had to go to a notary and I was really impressed with the service, which could be early morning or late at night, and how quickly we were able to process the paperwork. I wish more companies used your services.


Paige Lichens

Knowledgeable, engaging, patient, kind, understanding, clear with instructions, responsive to questions, and thorough with disclosures to be certain we understood and were comfortable. We couldn’t be more pleased with [Notarize].


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It was spectacular! Connected with a notary in a minute, and the whole notarization process was a breeze. Saved me an hour of standing in the line at UPS. Recommend!


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I love the ease of [Notarize], for both myself the signer, and for the notary on the other end. Time is valuable, and this saved me an appointment, a phone call, travel, the abcs, and all the extras. Thank you for paving the way.


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The process was easy, the rep was more than efficient and very professional! πŸ‘πŸΌ I had one of my notary friends sign up to use the service for his business!!


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The service was timely, convenient, friendly and professional. I will always go to when I need a notary service.


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The process had a human touch which was refreshing to see.


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The best closing on the sale of a property we've ever had! In the comfort of our own home and yet the opportunity to interact with a human being!


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This is an awesome way to get a document notarized quickly and conveniently! Fast service, friendly people, and no hassle. No driving, waiting, or appointments. Thank you Jermeisha &!


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I was pleasantly surprised at how user friendly and easy the process was. My online notary was great. I highly recommend this platform.


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The staff made it a very enjoyable experience; very helpful and kind in their service. The pricing was excellent, so I would recommend them to everyone who needs a notary service of any kind. After this experience, personally, I would prefer to use only this company.


Style Dapper Inc.

Overall, i would use this service again & recommend it to friends & family.


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So easy and efficient! I am in Texas and closed Colorado property sale.


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So fast and easy. I absolutely love We use it whenever we can. It's so much easier than running all over the place trying to find a notary at a store or bank. Less expensive than a mobile notary for us. I love that it's all online and it's so simple.


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Great service! Easy to use, quick, friendly, and all from the comfort of your home.


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On time and professional. Allowed me to buy a house in Texas while I was still in Nevada due to work commitment. I totally recommend this service .


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This was a very convenient and user-friendly process. It made closing from another state very simple. Thank you to the team for their support on the quickest and easist close I have ever had.


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AMAZING experience. Very fast. Great website and user experience. No longer have to go to bank or wait for weeks for appointment. Go on, get connected with a professional and BOOM! you are done! Highly recommended


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Excellent service! So convenient and easy to use.


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Notarize is a game changer. Having the ability to see my customers face to face and do their closings from all over the globe is a service that sets us apart from our competitors.


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Quick and easy. I've used this service a few times now and this is the best tool out there!


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It was so quick and easy, honestly I was very pleasantly surprised. This is much easier than going to a notary office!


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The platform was super easy and led me through the steps one by one. My notary was very professional and efficient. It was the easiest time ever ever had getting something notarized.


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Living overseas, this is by far the fastest way to get something notarized. There's no language barrier and no travel. The price is competitive. I'll never get anything notarized another way again, either in the USA or overseas.


Charles Thompson