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Bringing notarization into the 21st Century

Notarize Helps Make Teacher and Student Holiday Wishes Come True

The season of giving is upon us and in lieu of yet another, virtual holiday party – Notarize has instead looked for ways to invest those funds into giving back to our local communities. 

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Online Mortgage Lending: The Future of Real Estate?

Last year, more than two thirds of people used an online mortgage application. With so many people starting the mortgage process online, it was only a matter of time before there would be demand for the entire mortgage process to become digital. The pandemic has accelerated the trend towards online closing. Covid required more remote transactions, and the demand for  online mortgages shot way up. The FHFA reported the government sponsored entities (GSEs) expect online mortgage purchases to increase through 2021. And, once people experience the convenience of online mortgages and recommend lenders with online mortgage capabilities to their friends and family, the demand will only continue.

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What is an Apostille?

Notarizations play a critical role in helping companies conduct business and supporting individuals through life’s most important moments.

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Digital Closings: How to Improve the Customer Experience

A great customer experience is essential for good business, and is especially important when it comes to title agents. Being able to promptly service customers, answer their questions and perform a thorough review can be the difference between gaining repeat and referral business or not. The best way to provide stellar customer service is to stay at the cutting edge of innovation.

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Webinar: See a Demo of the Notarize + Adobe Sign Integration

Discover the faster, easier way to notarize documents with Notarize and Adobe Sign, the market leaders in online notarization and eSign.

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Entrepreneur Day Q&A: Pat Kinsel on Building an Enduring Company

There are 31.7 million small businesses in the United States, each one led by an entrepreneur with passion and ambition to change the world around them. 

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Notary Public Day 2021: Recognizing the Impact of Notaries Everywhere

Today is Notary Public Day! Since 1975, November 7 has served as a day to recognize notaries for their service and contributions to national and international commerce.

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Notarize Brings Remote Online Notarization to Adobe Sign

Notarize and Adobe Sign customers can now securely access best-in-class remote online notarization within Adobe Sign’s digital document workflows through a completed integration between the two companies. Adobe Sign users can initiate remote online notarizations, track and manage document status, and securely store and access e-signed and notarized documents—all from within Adobe Sign.

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Notarize Named to Forbes' 2021 'Next Billion-Dollar Startups' List

Building a Generational Company Transforming Life’s Most Important Moments

We started Notarize in 2015 with the goal of bringing notarizations into the digital era. Notarizations have long been the process that time forgot – a service grounded in paper, ink, and in-person meetings. We knew technology could transform life’s most important moments, from getting married to buying your first home. Digital notarization -- also known as Remote Online Notarization (RON) -- offers a safer, simpler, more secure experience. 

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This Week at Notarize: Digital Inclusion Week 2021 with Nicole Booth

Season #2 Episode #16: Digital Inclusion Week 2021

This episode of This Week at Notarize focuses on an important issue: Digital Inclusion. Access to digital services, like Notarize, has become increasingly important as we transition into a more remote lifestyle and as organizations strive to create more accessible and flexible environments.

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