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This Week at Notarize: Announcing Our Integration with airSlate & US Legal Forms

Season #2 Episode #13: Announcing Our Integration with airSlate & US Legal Forms

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A New Home For a Housing Industry Veteran: Terri Davis Joins Notarize as General Manager, Real Estate

Notarize is thrilled to welcome Terri Davis as General Manager, Real Estate. In this newly-created role, Terri will lead Notarize’s continued efforts to digitize the real estate industry to benefit both our partners and their customers. For more than 20 years, Terri has been a tireless advocate and leader across several different segments of the mortgage industry, including Ellie Mae, PMI, and Fannie Mae - and we’re thrilled to welcome her to Notarize.

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This Week at Notarize: Announcing Our Integration with dotloop

Season #2 Episode #11: Featuring Joe Kazzoun of dotloop

One of our missions at Notarize is to connect businesses with solutions that make it easier to collaborate with partners and produce results.

That's why we're so excited to announce our new integration with dotloop, which will offer a simple, streamlined process for the hundreds of thousands of agents, brokers, and transactions coordinators that use dotloop each month.

To celebrate this new partnership, we were thrilled to welcome Joe Kazzoun, dotloop’s GM and VP, to “This Week at Notarize” to discuss why this partnership is such a big deal for real estate.

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Notarize Congratulates Senators Warner and Cramer on the Introduction of the SECURE Notarization Act of 2021

Today Notarize congratulates Senators Cramer (R-ND) and Warner (D-VA) for their leadership in the introduction of S. 1625, the Securing and Enabling Commerce Using Remote and Electronic Notarize Act of 2021 (SECURE Notarization Act of 2021) to ensure that remote online notarization (RON) becomes permanent practice across the U.S.

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Notarize Welcomes Roger Ferguson to Our Board of Directors

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. has joined the Notarize Board of Directors. Roger is one of the most respected executives in financial services and he has an extraordinary reputation of both success and empathetic leadership in the private sector, coupled with a distinguished track record in the public sector. 

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This Week at Notarize: Announcing Our Partnership with SimpleNexus

Season #2 Episode #11: Featuring Shane Westra of SimpleNexus

Earlier this week, we announced a new partnership with SimpleNexus to power its SimpleNexus eClose solution and unite all members of the mortgage ecosystem: loan officers, borrowers, real estate agents, and settlement agents

To celebrate our partnership, we welcomed Shane Westra, Chief Product Officer on the latest episode of "This Week at Notarize" to discuss all the ways we'll collaborate together moving forward.

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This Week at Notarize: How Notary Feedback Shapes Our Product

This Week at Notarize Season 2 Episode #10: Feedback

We have a feedback-heavy culture at Notarize. We view feedback as an opportunity to learn how we can build a better platform, create a better community, and offer all who come through the platform a world-class experience.

And few people within Notarize are more in tune with our feedback than Nicole Clark, our Regional Head of Notary Operations.

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Earth Day 2021: Reimagining Business Strategy to Restore Our Earth

EARTHDAY.ORG announced earlier this week that the theme for Earth Day 2021 is “Restore Our Earth,” which will focus on the role of emerging green technologies and innovative thinking in restoring our ecosystem.

After an eventful 2020, it’s only appropriate that this year’s Earth Day theme prompts a moment of reflection for individuals and businesses alike. 

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Notarize Promotes Wendy Ivanoski to Chief Operating Officer

Overhauling and digitizing industries isn't easy, but it’s essential, and our teams at Notarize work tirelessly to design technology and workflows that position our customers to lead tomorrow’s economy. We hold ourselves to lofty standards and even loftier aspirations. 

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This Week at Notarize: New Opportunities for Notaries on the Platform

Season #2 Episode #9: Featuring Ashley Spiess

This week at Notarize, we’re joined by Ashley Spiess, Notarize’s Senior Director of Operations and Strategy.

At our Rewired for Real Estate conference, we announced our new notary program that will launch in May. Notaries will have the opportunity to use Notarize’s digital tools to manage their business and serve their own transactions through our platform. Ashley gives her insight into what this means for us as a company, and what it means for the notary community at large.

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