On-Demand Notary (ODN)

Join thousands of notaries on Notarize!

Choose when and where* to work, we do the rest by connecting you to signers 24/7.
(*Within your commissioned state)

Ultimate Flexibility

Log on and take transactions at any time, anywhere in your commissioned state. Plan your own schedule with our easy-to-use tools. Notarize truly supports today's remote, technology first environment for notaries and signers by being available 24/7 on most wifi-enabled devices with a camera.

Easy, Transparent Pricing

The Notary Network’s On-Demand Notary capability (ODN) is as easy as one, two, FREE.

Here’s what to expect after your no-cost sign-up:

Get paid for each transaction and see your funds as quickly as the next business day.
*Transactions are subject to chargeback due to non-compliance
Get exclusive access to:
  • NEW! State-of-the-art self-paced comprehensive onboarding program
  • NEW! A dedicated Notary Success Team and curated content to set you up for success in each and every transaction
  • A multi-factor authentication process (Knowledge-Based Authentication, Credential Analysis) and tools you can trust right inside our product to drive accurate, compliant Notarizations
  • Free electronic seal and signature, end-to-end session recordings, and electronic notary journal
  • Invitations to events with Notarize platform experts on new products, the latest features, and need-to-know tips and guidance including compliance feedback
Worry less about your notarial records, the platform will manage them for you.