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For Florida Notaries

Last Modified Date: Jul 10, 2022

Florida notaries must complete the following steps to ensure they have the necessary training, tools, and credentials before performing notarizations on the Notarize platform.

All notaries

Obtain a Traditional Notarial Commission

Your traditional commission allows you to perform in-person notarizations. To obtain your traditional commission, complete an application packet obtained from one of the notary processors listed here. After obtaining your commission, you must provide information about and upload a copy of it to your profile.

Purchase a Digital Certificate from IdenTrust

A digital certificate is an electronic credential that is used to digitally tamper seal notarized documents. You must purchase a digital certificate from IdenTrust and upload it to your profile.

Obtaining a digital certificate from IdenTrust takes between 3 and 5 days. You may choose any of the three IGC Agencies Basic Assurance Unaffiliated certificate options:

  • 1 Year - $66.00
  • 2 Year - $118.00
  • 3 Year - $157.00

We will not accept digital certificates issued by other vendors.

Important: Make sure the name on your digital certificate is identical to the name on your commission documentation. Differences between the name on your digital certificate and the one in your documentation will delay approval of your notary profile.

Please note: IdenTrust requires you to provide certain personal information to validate your identity prior to issuing to you a digital certificate. Directions for acquiring your digital certificate are available here, and directions for downloading your digital certificate and uploading it to the Notarize platform are available here.

Obtain E&O Insurance Policy

Errors and omissions insurance protects you from liability for false claims or unintentional notarial mistakes or omissions. You must provide information about and upload a copy of an errors and omissions insurance policy for at least $25,000 to the platform.

Generate an Electronic Signature and Notarial Seal in the Notarize Platform

Your electronic signature and seal are used to sign and seal notarized documents. Do not purchase them from other vendors as they will both be freely provided to you by the Notarize platform.

The information that you provide during onboarding will be used to automatically generate a seal that complies with the particular legal requirements of your state.

You will also create your signature during onboarding and are responsible to make sure that it matches your name as commissioned and your signature on file with the Department of State.

Obtain Authorization to Perform Online Notarizations

To obtain authorization to perform online notarizations, mail the following to:

Division of Corporations
Att: RoseAnn Varnadore
2415 N Monroe St #810
Tallahassee FL 32303

(Make sure to  use # 810, not Suite 810)

  • Copy of your traditional notary commission,
  • Proof of completion of an online course from an approved provider (course providers available here),
  • Copy of your $25,000 surety bond,
  • Copy of your E&O insurance policy (ALL PAGES),
  • Check payable to Florida Department of State for $10 (registration fee),
  • Your notarized Application Registration for Online Notary Public,
  • A completed DC-DOS-50 form.

Important: Do NOT list Notarize as a secure repository of your notary journal. Notaries on the Notarize platform only store their journals on the platform but remain individually responsible for control of and access to the information in their journal.

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of State using this form.

Please note: If you were already authorized to perform online notarizations prior to your application with Notarize, you must inform the Department of State that you are now using Notarize.

Complete Notarize Platform Certification

After you complete the steps outlined above, you will be sent a link to a course and assessment of your understanding of the Notarize platform. You must complete the course and score 80% or higher on the assessment.

Additional On-Demand Notary Requirements

Complete Additional Training and Background Check

If you want to perform on demand notarizations on the Notarize platform, you must also obtain NSA certification from the National Notary Association (which includes a background check) and complete additional Notarize assessments.