Notary-Sourced Transactions (NST)

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Take your independent business digital by providing online notarization services for your customers.
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All-in-one Platform Versatility

No more managing multiple platforms to support your needs. Identity verification, secure meetings, and detailed business tools all at your fingertips. Access our marketing resources available for use with your customers. Stay up to date with our world-class product training.
For Independent Notaries offering Remote Online Notarization
get started for $0 & no monthly platform fee

NST Pricing

per transaction
$3 per additional seal
  • Concurrent Signing for multi-location requests
  • Your first seal
  • All signers participating
    *Max 2 signers
  • All witnesses added
  • Credential Analysis
  • Signer KBA
  • Audio/Video Recording + Storage
  • Document Access/Custodianship

Additional Incentives:

  • First Transaction Free!
    When you join the platform, your first transaction on Notarize is free of charge!
  • Every 10 Meetings Completed, Earn a Free One on Us!
    For every ten meetings you complete, your next transaction will have no transaction fees applied. So we’ll celebrate with you as you hit your 10, 20, 30.. 50.. 100th transactions.
Pricing plans offered by Notarize are subject to change. This includes transaction fees, monthly platform fees and any additional incentives offered on the plans provided. Notarize reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make these changes at any time. Notarize will provide appropriate notice of these changes prior to taking effect.

Here’s what to expect after your no-cost sign-up:

Set your own pricing and payment structure for your customers while utilizing features to optimize your business, including templates, easy links, and unique simplified witness procedures.
Get exclusive access to:
  • NEW! State-of-the-art self-paced comprehensive onboarding program
  • NEW! A dedicated Notary Success Team and curated content to set you up for success in each and every transaction
  • A multi-factor authentication process (Knowledge-Based Authentication, Credential Analysis) and tools you can trust right inside our product to drive accurate, compliant Notarizations
  • Free electronic seal and signature, end-to-end session recordings, and electronic notary journal
  • Invitations to events with Notarize platform experts on new products, the latest features, and need-to-know tips and guidance including compliance feedback
Worry less about your notarial records, the platform will manage them for you.