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RON Law Passed and Effective
(36 states)
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(2 states)
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(12 states)
  • Intelligent platform interprets millions of
    rules and regulations enforces process integrity
  • Dynamic, multi-factor authentication
    validates identity
  • Encrypted, two-way notary sessions ensures
    session quality
  • Full access to robust recordkeeping of all
    transaction files guarantees audit integrity

Notarize: As Told by Notaries

Grow your business and earn when and where you choose. Connect to signers on the Notarize network and even offer the future of notarization to your own customers (selected states). Independent notaries like you already power more 1 million notarizations on the Notarize platform each year. All that’s missing is you!
I use Notarize to run my business
...because I know exactly what to do, where to go and whatever I need— (even forms for business or tax purposes)—is easy to find.
— Tecia
I think that notaries should choose the Notarize platform
...because it's an all-in-one platform. You get the support, enhancements of features added, and it's user-friendly!
—  Aretha
Super easy and efficient
...especially at this time in COVID history.
— Curt
Excellent Notary work
I appreciated the professional handling of the documents I presented by the person who was assigned to this case. The representative was polite and his calming attitude provided the three of us signers with an appropriate atmosphere for certifying the documents at hand.
— Timothy M Wilson
A very helpful and smooth way to...
...notarize docs. I found a great and very supportive professional lady helping me understanding any part of the document and the declarations. I strongly recommend this service.
— Davy
What a great service!
I didn't have to figure out where to go to find a Notary, just sat at my desk and followed the simple instructions. I spoke to a very helpful Notary and it was done. I will definitely use this service again.
— Laurie

How we support you

Notaries receive platform training, access to our knowledge base, and in-session support.
Dynamic, multi-factor authentication process: Knowledge-Based Authentication, Credential Analysis, and tools to support proper notarial vetting, right inside our product.
End-to-end session recordings and your notary journal are managed and stored by Notarize. We hold this info for your state’s minimum record retention period.
A single, easy-to-use platform that we continue to refine based on use cases and notary feedback.
Receive your electronic seal and electronic signature FREE when you sign up.
Little training or support available beyond how to get started — which heightens legal and compliance risks.
Identity-proofing options are either limited by the product or left up to the notary to decide, often needing additional tools.
Data is stored for an abbreviated period. Notaries are often responsible for maintaining their own journal.
Limited technology and lack of notary feedback loop means notaries can only serve specific use cases.
Requires notaries to purchase and upload electronic signature and seal.

In your state, or working on it

We won't rest until notaries in every state have all the opportunities that online notarization provides. If it's not yet possible for notaries in your state to sign up with Notarize, we will contact you as soon as we are live there.

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