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How Digitization Can Transform Your Business

Digitizing archaic processes benefits businesses and their customers, helping to save time and money while providing a better customer experience.
Jennifer Gustavson
September 12, 2022
3 min

More and more companies are continuing to digitize their offerings. But for businesses to remain relevant, they must go beyond merely working towards digitization. Markets are moving at a faster and faster pace—and if businesses want to keep up, they need to use every tool at their disposal to become more effective, efficient, and user-friendly. 

Digitization is the process of moving all possible business processes to a digital format — automating manual procedures, collecting and analyzing information, and creating the necessary technical tools to improve operations. Digitization marries successful products with the a seamless user experience, creating a positive digital feedback loop where the company and customers benefit equally. Investing in digitization not only enables businesses to offer their customers cutting-edge experiences and products, it also can have an effect on a business's efficiency and profitability.

Benefits of digitization for businesses

  1. Streamlines business processes. Digitization can benefit specific processes within your business, but it also helps your business more widely, ensuring that each aspect of work is done as efficiently as possible, and is carried out in harmony with every other part of the enterprise. Whether digitizing documents, automating systems to run more quickly, or using data to measure effectiveness, digitization can help your organization from top to bottom.
  2. Boosts productivity. Employees want to do meaningful, challenging work — but many are stuck doing manual tasks that drain their time and creativity. Automating these tasks can free your team to take on real, productive work, and help to eliminate mistakes and inefficiencies inherent to manual processes.
  3. Creates transparency. Without data, evaluating your company's performance on a campaign or project can be subjective — and you can be victim to making the same mistakes multiple times. But with the data obtained through digitization, you can gain insights into your performance that will make you more competitive with each new effort.
  4. Improves company culture. With emphasis on accessibility and the ability to easily share vital documents and data, digitization encourages collaboration, which improves corporate culture. And since automation frees people to work on more important tasks, digitization can lift employee morale and make their work more impactful.
  5. Mitigates the risk of human error. Digitization and automating processes helps to mitigate the risk of human error, especially when it comes to eliminating missed signatures or inputting incorrect data. By digitizing these types of processes, you can make your business more reliable, safe, and secure, all while saving time and money that otherwise may be spent correcting errors.
  6. Enhances customer satisfaction. With digitization, customers get the fast, personalized, digital service they want, which is critical to winning their loyalty.

How Notarize can help digitize your business

One of the biggest digitization barriers companies face with is when it comes to signatures and notarizations. Whether you and your clients need to sign invoices, contracts, or legal documents, Notarize provides seamless and digital eSignature and online notarization solutions. With access to live notaries 24/7, the Notarize platform offers a simpler, safer, and smarter way to sign and notarize documents online. Implementing a solution like Notarize to digitize your signature and notarization processes can ultimately save your business time and money, while providing your clients with the digital experience they're looking for. 

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Jennifer Gustavson

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