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From the Navy to Notarize: How Larry Anderson Found Success and Flexibility for Fatherhood as a RON Notary

He’s a top-rated notary with an entrepreneurial spirit that empowers and a willingness to make a difference. In a sit-down spotlight interview, Larry Anderson shares his story of finding success. (Hint: “It’s all about what you make it.")
Ashley Spiess & Mackenzie Pautler
March 23, 2023
7 mins

It doesn’t take long while connecting with Larry Anderson for one thing to be made abundantly clear: in the process of rising to each and every challenge, he is always lifting others up. Tenacious in spirit and always with a smile on his face, Larry’s journey on the Notarize platform — and subsequent impact on the broader notary community — has proved to be no different. 

The path that brought him to the platform is one we know all too well: the COVID-19 pandemic left him in search of employment with little promise for the return of in-person work anytime soon, if it even came back at all. While his time serving in the United States Navy as a Master at Arms imparted on him the ability to adapt quickly and with confidence, it’s another role — one that he’s the proudest of — that empowered him to find something flexible and in alignment with his priorities: being a father to his now 10-year-old son. Somewhere between the Uber rides and Instacart deliveries that he had taken on in the interim, Larry researched his way to the world of Remote Online Notarization (RON).

“I was looking for something else and I just started researching jobs. I came across a couple of people who were talking about notary work on YouTube and saw even more content specifically about Remote Online Notarization. And from there, the rest is history.”

Although the opportunity was one that ignited his entrepreneurial spirit, it also promised him the flexibility he’d need for being an extremely present parent — something that has and continues to maintain his top priority:

“I have a 10 year old son and he's into everything. He does boxing, he's in baseball and he has his school work. So it's always been very important for me to be able to make my own schedule and come and go as I please. So when I saw that Notarize will not only help you run your business, but also truly owns the market share to give you customers, that was really important to me as someone just getting started. I also liked that I can build a schedule that works best for me. There was nothing to lose and I decided to give it a try.”

In March of 2021, Larry began his journey with Notarize by independently contracting on the On-Demand Network (ODN), a capability which allows notaries in select states to complete transactions on their own time and completely at their own convenience while paying a designated fee for limitless earning potential. 

His tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit may have gotten him here, but it’s his growth mindset and work ethic that’s set in motion his success here. Whether it be continued education in the form of online classes — the National Notary Association (NNA) Essentials course, in particular — or seeking and sharing support in industry Facebook groups, Larry has taken advantage of every opportunity to keep learning.

“When I started on Notarize, they were so helpful with the initial training plus you learning on the job along the way. In those first few weeks I would get emails and communications with a general sense of what you're doing wrong, and what you need to improve on. I also found another community of notaries to talk to that were on the platform. That really helped with me learning how to be an online notary.
Plus, Notarize by far is the easiest run platform to use. I was immediately busy due to the demand. I can’t believe that all I’m doing is sitting at home and having opportunities to make money. The ease of use plus the convenience of not having to go out and do any marketing was helpful given I had so much at home. Now that the Online Notary market has grown, I value that Notarize brings me customers but I also know if I want to grow my business, I also need to continue building my own client base.”

We should have known at the time that Larry was only just getting started. In June of 2022, Notarize released the Notary Sourced Transaction (NST) capability, giving notaries a competitive edge with the ability to bring their own clients onto the platform. A market-first, this meant that Notarize had created a place where all notaries could be successful and supported — with or without their own clientele — within one all-encompassing platform. For Larry, the decision to leverage both capabilities was a no-brainer:

“I’ve been spoiled by Notarize as far as getting customers through the platform but I am diving into more marketing and beginning to support my own client base. I helped someone whose mom was dying and they needed some documents notarized in a timely manner. So I was able to use the Notarize platform and RON to help her even though they're all the way in Illinois. It was a great feeling to help someone in that time of need.”

As he continues to build both his client book and strengthen his foundational knowledge as a notary, Larry has described the experience of executing RON transactions — while simultaneously educating people about its value and ease — as both positively challenging and fulfilling. Beyond the benefits of using Notarize, Larry recognizes the opportunity to build greater trust in and understanding of interstate recognition. He takes the time to carefully explain the process and importance of Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) and Credential Analysis, in addition to speaking to his experience as a notary with statistics that highlight his expertise and give clients peace of mind in who they’re working with. Always one step ahead, that mindset applies even when he can’t help a signer.

“Sometimes I get connected with a signer I cannot help. Because they need a notary that speaks another language. One of the notaries I’ve connected with on Notarize lives in another state but speaks Spanish. So I often reach out to her and get her and the signer connected so they can get their document notarized. I like that although I cannot help them, I can get them to someone who can.”

Larry’s mentality — which is one that emulates that of a true business owner — is what sets him apart: if you can’t give someone the help they inquired for, give them an experience that’ll leave a lasting impression. The secret? Find ways to support and stay connected to the community around you. We’re looking at you, notary community! You’ll have clients asking “How can I utilize your services again?” in no time, just like Larry.

And when it comes to locking in those exceptional customer satisfaction ratings, the secret — Larry, who has a 4.97/5 rating for the more than 4K meetings he’s completed — says is simple:

“I always start the meeting with a smile and end it with a smile. No matter how the meeting went. I also try to keep the signer involved and explain what I am doing along the way. Gets rid of the silence and also helps proactively answer questions. Technology can sometimes be intimidating no matter what the age of the person, so I try my best to help and proactively give instructions step by step. So by the end, it felt as easy as it really is. 
Lastly, I treat every customer like they were my mom. My mom once gave me some great advice, she said; “Not every customer is going to be the same. Not all will be pleasant or be thankful for your help. But if you go in there and treat every customer like they’re me, and you treat them how you would want someone to treat me, then you will always be in a good place.”

Inspired by Larry’s success story? We knew you would be. That’s why we couldn't end the conversation without asking him to share his advice for the notary community — especially those who are just getting started.

“Just get started. The technology might be intimidating to you but just get started. It’s important to learn your laws and understand your duties as a Notary. Then when it comes to the technology, Notarize is great with training. It took me a while before I got comfortable with loan signings but I didn’t give up. Every notarization is important which can be intimidating. But keep a positive attitude, treat your customers well and be driven. You're working from home and have great resources available. 
I sometimes see comments about the expectations people have about platforms like Notarize. The platform is not responsible for you and your business’ success. You are. They are here to help and give you opportunities to grow your business. In my opinion, there's no place like Notarize where you can go to get job experience and get paid at the same time. I've been a notary for almost two years now and I've had thousands of transactions. Which is more than some people have had in their whole notary career. It’s all about what you make of it.”

Spoken like a true entrepreneur, wouldn’t you say?

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Ashley Spiess & Mackenzie Pautler

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