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How Solar Companies Can Benefit From Online Notarization

Improve the customer experience and generate more revenue by providing customers with the option to notarize permit applications and documents online.
Emily Riley
June 27, 2022
2 min

A variety of challenges have confronted solar installation companies. For one, supply chain issues and equipment availability have made it more difficult for solar installations to be completed on time. At the same time, consumers are increasing their interest in solar. While this is good news, the cost of customer acquisition remains high, which makes it expensive for installers to grow.

The good news is that there are ways for solar companies to reduce the time it takes to complete a solar installation and improve their customer acquisition time and expense with a single solution - online notarization.

What is online notarization?

Online notarization allows documents to be legally notarized in electronic form by a properly commissioned notary via audio-video technology.

Rather than require customers to get paper documents notarized by an in-person notary, they can upload their documents to an online notarization platform like Notarize to be notarized within minutes. Not only does online notarization save time, it’s also more convenient. Customers can access a notary 24/7 from anywhere in the world with the use of a smartphone, desktop or tablet.

Online notarization creates a better customer experience for solar companies

Online notarization is particularly valuable for solar companies looking to make customer acquisition easier. Notarization can be a major hurdle for busy customers who don’t have time during normal business hours to travel to a notary near them. And many notaries aren’t available after hours, which can make the application process drag on.

Consumers are also coming to expect that companies offer a completely digital experience. Just like online shopping and online banking, consumers want to have the option to complete all required documents and applications digitally.

For solar companies, this is particularly important. Solar energy represents a better future, which goes hand in hand with digital transformation. Consumers want a seamless experience from a company that they consider to be innovative and advanced. It can be a major deterrent if they are forced to use outdated processes in order to become a customer.

Online notarization improves business processes

Solar companies will find that they benefit as much as their customers do when they implement online notarization. Not only does online notarization reduce the time it takes for a customer to submit a completed application correctly, it can also encourage more people to actually complete their applications.

Encouraging customers to complete permit applications online can also help to reduce errors and increase security. Furthermore, having digital documents makes it easier to correct issues without requiring reprints. This means more (error-free) applications can be submitted, translating into more revenue for your company.

Getting started with online notarization

Getting started with online notarization is an easy way to provide a seamless, digital experience for your customers. Without any heavy integrations or technology installations, the NotarizeSM platform provides your customers with access to online notarization 24/7. The platform ensures that every notarization is performed by a properly-commissioned notary and in accordance with state-specific requirements.

Give your customers the best experience and generate more revenue with the help of Notarize.

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Emily Riley

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