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How Notarize Can Help Title Agents During the Curative Process

When issues with title arise, Notarize can help title agents speed up the task of getting documents notarized during the curative process.
August 3, 2022
2 min

Abstract is completed, title is typed, and your title commitment is ready.  But wait — what’s that on title? A discrepancy? Now you need to make a correction. We all know, time is of the essence, as stakeholders’ stress often skyrockets once things start going off course.

The list of issues that can lead you to a curative process is long. You may have found that title did not have all the elements the county requires and docs were never recorded properly. Perhaps the prior owners did not show a sufficient intent for title transfer. Maybe you discovered a lien on the property, from a loan or back taxes. Or maybe there was a death and title was never transferred. Or the title is for a property of a couple who is divorcing, and the transfer of property is not correctly specified in the divorce decree.

Curing makes meeting deadlines harder  

Whatever problem you encounter, a common solution is to create another legal document to cure the title. Often the issue requires a Scrivener’s Affidavit to clear up mistakes on the title or deed that affect ownership. More serious errors may require additional documents. In many cases, these documents will have to be notarized, such as:

  • Deeds
  • Powers of attorney
  • Affidavits

And of course, everything needs to be done yesterday, especially if a closing is anticipated or worse, already scheduled. With so many people involved, from real estate lawyers, agents, and lenders to buyers and sellers, canceling and rescheduling is often the last resort. But getting the people involved in correcting title to physically get an affidavit notarized is not an easy task. It could be an ex-spouse or former owner who has no vested interest in keeping to the schedule.

Using digitized notary processes during the curative phase

More than 3,000 title agents have turned to the Notarize platform to manage the title and closing process. By using a digitized process, title agents can get real-time notifications that help move the process forward and more quickly identify errors.

Because the agent receives a notification each time the client submits a document, they can find issues right away instead of waiting until the closing is just around the corner. With a dedicated closing platform, title agents have a single source for all documents that all stakeholders can access, which makes managing any documents that need curing much easier.

Instead of sending a physical copy of the documents to the parties involved, you can use an online notarization platform to fix the title issues in hours instead of weeks or days.

Correcting real estate documents can take time and cause delays in getting to closing. When you turn to Notarize, you can save time and money on each transaction. The other stakeholders will also appreciate when there isn’t extra time or multiple steps involved. Choose Notarize as your partner during the curative process.

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