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Built to Last: Notarize’s Top 5 Features for Real Estate

Notarize is committed to building a product that supports the long-term success of the Real Estate market.
Andrew MacDougall
April 5, 2023
6 mins

Notarize was founded with one goal in mind: To bring trust online for life’s most important moments. And few moments are more important than the purchase or sale of a home.

We were the first company to complete a fully digital closing back in 2017 – long before the pandemic and a turbulent market made eClosings more popular. Since then, we’ve partnered with the nation’s top lenders, builders, and title agencies to help hundreds of thousands of people move through the real estate process with greater convenience and ease.

Over the years, we’ve disrupted; we’ve grown; we’ve learned; and it’s fueled the Notarize platform of today. Everything about our history has allowed us to build with intent; to design a product and experience that fits the needs of your business and exceeds the expectations of your consumers.

We’re proud of our commitment to the real estate industry, and have plenty to celebrate about the growth of our product to support the market. Here are our five favorite product features that are helping the real estate industry transition to online closings.

An Eligibility Engine That Eliminates Guesswork

Every real estate transaction is unique, so you deserve a platform that will tell you the best path forward. Our Eligibility Engine references the transaction type, property address, recording county, the title partner’s operating states, and its title underwriters to determine the closing options available for a specific transaction. Our Eligibility Engine also accounts for nuances like “Papering Out” laws, where transactions can be completed online even when the property is located in a county that doesn’t accept electronic documents.

Integrations That Simplify Your Workflows

You work hard to build and refine your business workflows, so the idea of adding a new vendor into the mix can feel incredibly daunting. That’s why we’ve built integrations with leading lender and title point-of-sale systems to fit more naturally into your workflows and offer your team an easier path to digital closings. In the real estate space, we’ve integrated with Ellie Mae, Docutech, Resware, Softpro, SimpleNexus, Dotloop, eOriginal, DocMagic, and others.

Co-Branding to Promote Brand Consistency

Real Estate transactions involve many players, so it’s important buyers and sellers alike feel comfortable with who they’re interacting with. The Notarize platform allows you to co-brand your account to give your clients greater confidence in our role in the closing process. Co-branding elements include the ability to update your logo and brand colors so emails and other co-branded pages carry your brand throughout the signing experience.

Device Flexibility to Support Every Signer

At Notarize, we’re proud to offer a closing solution that supports your clients anytime, anywhere. Your clients can now engage with Notarize on any device on the day of their closing. Signers can connect with a notary using a desktop or laptop computer, or they can connect using an iOS or Android mobile device. There’s no special software to download or hardware to purchase ahead of time. Most of your clients have exactly what they need already in their pockets.

Transaction Transparency with KBA Alerts

Time is of the essence with real estate closings, especially on closing day. If something unexpected happens, you need to know as soon as possible so you can keep the closing on track. On the Notarize platform, if your client fails the Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) process — which is used to verify their identity — we’ll notify you immediately so you can troubleshoot the closing with your clients.

Ready to give Notarize's Real Estate features a go? We'll be saving you a seat at the virtual closing table.

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Andrew MacDougall
Product Marketing Manager

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