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Notarize Expands Its Award-Winning App Experience to Mobile Web

Making the Notarize platform available across all device types allows us to better serve signers anytime, anywhere, with a more frictionless experience.
Andrew Macdougall
February 9, 2023
4 mins

The Notarize℠ mobile app is an incredibly important part of our company’s history. It was recognized as the App of the Day when we launched in 2016, and since then, it’s helped hundreds of thousands of people get their business done a little quicker.

But we’re also well aware of app fatigue. Not everyone wants to download an app, especially when it’s another hurdle for signers to clear to complete an important transaction.

To remove that friction, Notarize now allows signers to complete transactions using a mobile browser in addition to our award-winning apps.

Today, all retail, business, real estate, and notary-initiated transactions on the Notarize platform can be completed on a mobile browser – allowing for a more seamless transition from your customer experience to ours.

Simplify Signings for Your Customers

Our product flexibility allows you to meet your customers where they are, and empowers your signers with the solutions they need to keep critical transactions moving forward.

Most importantly, these mobile transactions come with all the simplicity, speed, and security you’ve come to expect from Notarize. From start to finish, you and your signers can expect the same experience that you’d get through the Notarize desktop or the app.

Recent product enhancements brought parity between our mobile and app solutions, including:

  • Document scanning: Signers can scan physical documents into Notarize using their mobile device, removing the need to first upload the document and save it to their phone. 
  • Ability for signers to add text: Signers can now place, move, edit, and delete their information during document upload and while in meeting with the notary.
  • Responsive video feeds: Mobile signings show two video feeds: One feed shows the signer, and the other presents the active speaker (notary, additional signers, other meeting participants, etc).
  • A reimagined user interface: We’ve reorganized the meeting structure to offer a more intuitive user experience. The participant video feeds now live at the top of the screen, and the new annotation fields appear at the bottom so they are more accessible to the user’s thumbs. 

These updates to our mobile web experience means it’s never been easier for your customers to complete a signing on the go.

Maintain Control of Your Signings

Giving your signers convenience doesn’t have to come at the expense of your business. Those that initiate their transaction from the Notarize platform or use our EasyLink system still dictate the terms and conditions of the signing.

For example, the mobile web signing experience will not override any parameters placed on the document by your business, such as requiring the signer to provide their information during the notary session. If a signer is not allowed to annotate, the annotation tools will not show.

This means that signings across the Notarize platform – including real estate transactions – can meet legal, regulatory, industry standards while also meeting consumer expectations.

No longer must you choose one over the other. You can have (and offer) both!

For more information about our mobile web offerings, visit

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Andrew Macdougall

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