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Notarize for Realtors: Delivering more of what matters most

As the preferred remote online notarization (RON) provider for the Real Estate industry, here's how Notarize gives realtors more while costing them less.
Mackenzie Pautler
April 3, 2023
4 mins

Whether you’re in the Real Estate industry — or feel like you are after binge watching Selling Sunset and Million Dollar Listing — it’s no secret that at the heart of every successful sale is a realtor that’s dedicated to delivering their clients an exceptional experience, especially when it comes to the milestone moment that is closing on a home.

In the spirit of recognizing our realtors, we’re counting down the top 3 ways in which Notarize — the preferred remote online notarization (RON) provider for the Real Estate industry — is giving them more, while costing them less.

More closings, less time (spent)

Time is as valuable as it is limited, and realtors are no exception. From showing the house to handing over the keys, every minute counts in the home closing process. Completing a transaction with Notarize not only takes < 6 minutes on average as compared to an in-person notarization, but also lessens the turnaround time for Real Estate documents by an average of 21 days. With a closing clock that never stops ticking, Notarize’s level of efficiency means realtors can get more deals done and more time back in their day.

More clients, less travel

Did you know that, similar to physicians and educators, realtors can obtain licenses in multiple states? Regardless of how many states in which a realtor chooses to obtain licensure and represent clients, closing real estate transactions with Notarize requires no travel. This means realtors can expand their client base, minimize their need to travel, and on top of that, reduce their carbon footprint by a staggering 9.8 Kg of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per transaction.

More of life’s most important moments, less missing out

Whether their clients are first-time homebuyers or property pros, realtors play a meaningful role in the moment when a sale is finalized. While nothing can quite compare to clinking glasses with their clients in-person, remote online notarization guarantees that a realtor — regardless of where they might be at the time — never misses the opportunity to be a part of life’s most important moments. With Notarize, realtors can join their clients live on video or every signing right from their smartphone.

To learn more about Notarize for Real Estate plan options for realtors visit

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Mackenzie Pautler
Community Marketing Manager

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