Resware & Notarize | How it Works

Apr 30, 2019
| Updated
Apr 13, 2022
 | BY
Pat Kinsel

The Notarize-ResWare integration leverages the basic SOAP services within ResWare and ResWare's REST APIs.

Notarize will read the XML request sent from ResWare in order to create a transaction, add documents, and schedule a signing within the Notarize platform. There are three ResWare to ResWare partner mappings needed: Order Placement, Note/Document and Signings.

The second half of the integration leverages four of ResWare’s REST APIs in order to push back executed documents and a note indicating a successful upload of all documents.

  1. The first call is a POST request to the "/Api/files/search" endpoint to submit the file_number and get back the file_id.
  2. The second call is a POST request to the "/Api/files/:file_id/documents" endpoint to upload each document. This will involve one request per document Notarize sends. Documents will be passed as Notarize Executed Document type (see step 5). The name will be changed to include the signer's name, to read your_document_name_signer_name_notarized.pdf
  3. The last call is a POST request to the "/Api/files/:file_id/notes" endpoint to post a note confirming that we've submitted all documents. The goal of this note is to allow the title agent to trigger any workflows on completion, or at a minimum confirm that Notarize sent back all completed documents.

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