Does Office Depot Offer Notary Services Near You?

Aug 7, 2023
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Aug 16, 2023
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Phil Motto

Office Depot Notary Services Near You

Since its founding in 1986, Office Depot has grown to become a trusted provider of various business solutions and services including the often under-mentioned Office Depot notary service. This blog post aims to provide a guide to Office Depot’s notary services and answer the frequently asked question, "Does Office Depot have a notary?" We'll also discuss the popular alternative, Notarize, which presents an entirely new, online way to approach notary services.

Office Depot: Serving Your Business Needs

With over 1,300 stores nationwide, Office Depot has firmly cemented its reputation as a one-stop-shop for numerous office supplies and services. One such service is notarization, and many often wonder, "Does Office Depot have a notary?" The answer is yes, many Office Depot stores do indeed offer notary services, but this can vary by location.

Office Depot Notary Services: What They Offer

When you're searching for an "Office Depot notary near me," you're seeking a notary public— a state-appointed official who can authenticate the signing of important documents. Notary services at Office Depot are designed to be easily accessible to customers, providing a layer of security and legality to essential documents for both individuals and businesses.

However, while many Office Depot locations offer notary services, the availability can vary depending on specific store hours and whether a notary public is present. It's always recommended to call ahead and confirm that the notary service will be available when you plan to visit.

Finding an Office Depot Notary Near Me

The easiest way to find an Office Depot notary near you is to use the store locator on the Office Depot website. This tool allows you to find the nearest store by entering your zip code or city. Once you have identified a nearby store, call them to inquire whether they have a notary public on staff and to verify their hours of operation.

As for the cost of notary services at Office Depot, it typically varies depending on the document's complexity and the number of signatures required. The average cost falls within the range of $10-$15 per signature notarized.

Consider the Online, 24/7 Alternative: Notarize

While the search for an "Office Depot notary near me" can certainly yield results, there's a compelling alternative that offers even more convenience—Notarize. This online platform is designed to provide notary services digitally, 24/7. 

Notarize connects you with a commissioned notary public via a live video call, ensuring the same level of legality and security as an in-person notarization. The notary will walk you through the process, verify your identity, and witness your signature. 

Although the cost per signature at Notarize is generally a bit higher (around $25), the convenience, flexibility, and round-the-clock availability make it an attractive alternative to traditional notary services. Users of Notarize also know what they will pay going in, whereas Office Depot pricing may be variable.

So, the next time you're wondering, "Does Office Depot have a notary?" consider Notarize as a modern, digital alternative. Whether you stick with the traditional Office Depot notary services or opt for the convenience of Notarize, you have options that fit your unique needs and schedule.

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