I’m a Notary. Can I Join the Notarize Platform?

Jan 30, 2020
| BY
Lauren Hintz

Yes! We are currently allowing notaries from the states of Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Virginia to join the Notarize platform to serve existing volume. You can find more information by visiting our notary onboarding page.

In the future, we’ll likely open the platform to additional states, but we aren't quite there yet.

I want to use the Notarize software to service my own clients

Below are a handful of the common questions from people who want to use the Notarize software to service their own clients.

I work at a title company. Can our own closers / notaries use the Notarize platform to do online closings themselves?

As of March 2020, we announced that title agents and their notaries can join the Notarize platform to excute their own closings. You can learn more information here.

However, thousands of title agents use our platform and leverage our on-staff notaries to do online closings. This is possible even if your state doesn't have an active RON bill. This post explain how it works.

If you’d like to use Notarize for your own real estate closings, talk with our Sales team so you can get started. We’ll first release the functionality for title agents to execute their own closings to our existing customers before the general public. Request a call with our Sales team here.

I have my own notary / mobile notary business. Can I use the Notarize platform for my own notarizations?

As of now, the Notarize platform is built for notaries from Florida, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, and our in-house notaries to complete notarizations and service our customers. If you’d like to get on the list to be notified when we open the platform to independent notaries, you can sign up here: notarize.com/notaries.

I’m a notary and I’m interested in working for Notarize.

Great! As of March 2020, we announced that we are opening our platform for independent notaries to join and service customers. We're starting with notaries from Texas, Virginia, Nevada and Florida. You can learn more information here.

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