How to Become an Online Notary in Florida

Notaries public in Florida can now apply to serve their communities as commissioned online notaries. This commission will allow you to complete electronic notarizations completely online through a secure, two-way video call.

How to Obtain Your Online Notarial Commission

Current Florida notaries can apply to become an online notary public through the Department of State’s Office. You can find the application and its requirements here.

As of May 15, 2020, notaries must complete a training course offered by one of the state's approved education providers. They must also select a third-party vendor to use their commission with – like Notarize.

The Department of State’s website explains that a notary must have a contract with a vendor prior to submitting their application to become eComissioned. However, Notarize confirmed with the Department of State that you do not have to submit the contract.

Instead, you need to identify your vendor of choice and provide contact information on your application. When filling out the notary application you can list Notarize, Inc. as your vendor, and the contact information you can provide to the Department of State is

We will not provide you a contract before you have your eComission. All questions should be directed to the Department of State through this form.

Who Can Notarize on Our Platform?

Recently, Notarize announced that it’s opening the Notarize platform to Florida notaries in two ways: as a contracted notary working for Notarize, or as the signing agent for your own real estate closings.

Independent Notaries (apply to contract with Notarize here)

  • What can you do? Join Notarize as a contracted notary. You’ll notarize documents for our existing business and retail customers and get paid for each successful transaction. We do not yet have a way for notaries and NSAs to serve their existing business needs through our platform.
  • Who is eligible? As of 5/15/2020, this is an opportunity for commissioned electronic notaries in Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Virginia.

Real Estate Notaries (request to use our Platform here)

  • What can you do? Complete and execute notarizations for your fully online closings. You must be a user for an onboarded title agency or law firm, and the title agency or law firm must have a monthly subscription with Notarize.
  • Who is eligible? As of 5/15/2020, this is an opportunity for title agents and real estate attorneys in 13 states – with more on the way. This service is not yet available to signing agencies or mobile notaries on behalf of a closing agent.

All notaries that use the Notarize platform must meet similar minimum standards. Therefore, whether you are an independent contractor notary or a notary employed by a closing company, you will follow the same application process to access our platform.

What We Need to Process Your Application

There are several things we need in order to approve your application and begin your onboarding process with Notarize.

Your Traditional Notarial Commission

First, we’ll need you to upload a copy of your traditional notarial commission. This is the commission that allows you to perform in-person notarizations.

This commission should include details about your commissioning state, commissioning number, and the commission effective and expiration dates.

Proof of Your Electronic Notarial Commission

You should apply for your eCommission through the Department of State’s Office and communicate that you intend to use your eCommission on the Notarize platform.

We then need confirmation that the Department of State has received and approved your application. This can be done by providing the confirmation email sent by the Department of State or by taking a screenshot of your name on the Approved Notaries list here.

Proof of Completion of State-Required Course

In Florida, RON applicants are required to complete an online education training course and receive a certificate of completion. This is to be shared with Notarize, as well as the Florida Department of State as part of your eCommission registration application.

Remote online notary public education providers can be found on the Department of State’s website here.

Proof of Your Digital Certificate

You’ll need to obtain a digital certificate from our partners at IdenTrust. Verification of your application for a digital certificate takes 3 to 5 days to complete. The cost is roughly $99.

We cannot accept other forms of digital certificates.

Please note: Applicants are required to provide their personal information for IGC Basic Unaffiliated certificate applications. The home address is one point of the identity validation that fails when an alternate address – such as that of your business – is used instead.

Directions for how to acquire your digital certificate are here. We’ll then need you to upload a confirmation email or screenshot to prove that you have acquired a digital certificate. Directions for that are available here.

At the application stage, we are only looking for proof that you have obtained a digital certificate from IdenTrust. You will eventually upload it to your profile while onboarding with Notarize. Directions for downloading your digital certificate to upload to Notarize can be found here.

Proof of E&O Insurance

We’ll need a copy of your E&O policy. This should include information about your E&O Insurer, policy number, and policy expiration date.

Your E&O policy must be $25,000 or more if you are joining the platform as a contracted notary. For real estate transactions, your policy must be $100,000 or greater.

Proof of Bond

We’ll need a copy of your bond. This should include information about your bond provider and the amount of your bond.

In Florida, RON applicants are additionally required to increase their bond amount to $25,000.

Independent Contractors Must be NNA Certified

All contracted notaries on the Notarize platform will need to complete the Basic Notary Signing Agent Certification from the National Notary Association. This certification ensures that you understand the essentials of being a notary public and have undergone a background check. The cost is roughly $179.

This does not apply for notaries joining as part of a title agency or real estate firm.

Once you have gathered all of these application materials, please apply to join our platform.


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