Finding a Bank of America Notary Near Me

Aug 2, 2023
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Aug 16, 2023
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Phil Motto

Overview of Bank of America's Notary Service

Bank of America, the second largest bank in the United States, caters to its customers by providing a comprehensive range of services, notary services being one of them. This service can be crucial if you have documents such as wills, deeds, trusts, or powers of attorney that require official verification and certification.

When you need a notary at Bank of America, your first step is typically to visit a branch. However, it is essential to note that not all branches offer this service. So, before you head over to the bank with your documents in tow, make a call to confirm if the service is available at your chosen location. 

Bank of America provides notary services to its customers free of charge, which can be a significant advantage if you frequently require this service. However, remember that some types of documents may not be eligible for notarization at Bank of America due to legal restrictions. It's always a good idea to ask beforehand.

Finding a Bank of America Notary Near You

The simplest way to find a Bank of America notary near you is to visit the bank's notary services page. On this page your can click  "Schedule an appointment" and enter your city, state, or zip code. The tool will then provide a list of the nearest branches. After choosing a branch, a calendar will appear to select a date and time that is convenient for you. This may require you to book a week or more in advance depending upon the bank's hours and availability. Also, as previously mentioned, not every branch offers notary services, so it's crucial to contact the branch directly to confirm.

Introducing Notarize as an Alternative 

While the traditional route to notarize documents involves visiting a physical location, there's a tech-forward alternative available — Notarize. This innovative online platform lets you notarize documents digitally, no matter where you are and at any time. 

No appointment or scheduling is required for Notarize. Notarize operates 24/7, providing you with instant access to commissioned notary public officials who can authenticate and certify your documents over a live video call. This option is incredibly flexible, allowing you to notarize documents from the comfort of your home, office, or while on the go.

Getting your documents notarized with Notarize is a seamless process. You upload your document, verify your identity, connect with a notary via video call, sign your document digitally, and the notary then digitally signs and stamps your document. Once this process is completed, you'll have a legally notarized document ready to be shared.

One thing to note is that Notarize does charge a fee for this service, but the convenience and time savings may outweigh the cost for many users.

Wrapping Up

Bank of America's notary services and the innovative Notarize platform both offer unique advantages. If you're a Bank of America customer who prefers traditional, in-person service, then their notary services could be an excellent fit for you. However, if you value flexibility, convenience, and the ability to notarize documents from anywhere, Notarize may be the game-changer you're looking for. Both services fulfill the need for notarization, so choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and requirements.

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