My Car Was Towed by Roadway Towing Miami! Vehicle Release Form Notarization Need.

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Aug 16, 2023
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Phil Motto

Roadway Towing Miami and the Need for Vehicle Release Form Notarization

Discovering an empty space where a car was previously parked can create a moment of alarm and confusion. Such an incident can occur in places like Miami, FL, where companies like Roadway Towing (aka Tow Miami) operate. When these situations arise, it becomes necessary to delve into the process of vehicle release, often requiring notarization. Thankfully, online notarization through Notarize provides an easier alternative to traditional notarization methods. Use Notarize to execute your vehicle release notarization and be back on the road in minutes rather than hours or days. 

Roadway Towing Miami: The Business

The experience one undergoes when their vehicle gets towed greatly depends on the towing service involved. Roadway Towing operates from two primary locations in Miami:

1691 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33147

6980 NW 53rd Terrace, Miami, FL 33166

These facilities are spread throughout the city, making it possible to reach different parts of Miami efficiently. Once a vehicle is confirmed to be in their possession, the next step involves the release process, which typically includes notarization of a vehicle release form.

The Need: Vehicle Release Form Notarization

Notarization serves as a process that verifies the authenticity of documents, like a vehicle release form. It entails a notary verifying the identity of the signer and their understanding and willingness to sign the document.

Conventionally, this process has required scheduling an appointment with a notary public, traveling to their location, and proceeding with the notarization in person. However, this approach can prove time-consuming and inconvenient, particularly when a speedy retrieval of the towed vehicle is desired. This is where online platforms such as Notarize offer a more expedient solution.

Notarize: An Efficient Alternative for Notarization 

Notarize is an online platform designed to simplify the notarization process. It allows for the notarization of a vehicle release form without the need for physical visits to a notary's office.

The procedure with Notarize is straightforward: upload the document (or use our vehicle release form template), verify the signer's identity, initiate a live video call with a commissioned notary public, and sign the document under their observation. The notary then electronically notarizes the document. Finally, share the document with and pick up your vehicle.

The convenience and speed offered by Notarize can prove to be a significant advantage in situations where quick notarization is needed. Notaries are online 24/7, making it an ideal solution for unexpected situations such as having a vehicle towed.

In conclusion, when a vehicle gets towed by companies like Roadway Towing (aka Tow Miami), the discovery of services like Notarize can streamline the process of retrieval. For individuals facing a similar predicament, it's helpful to remember that there are efficient and accessible online notarization services available to ease the process.

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