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Why Virtual Mailbox Companies Should Utilize Online Notarization

By providing your customers with the option to notarize USPS Form 1583 online, you can improve the customer experience and generate more revenue.
June 22, 2022
2 min

Virtual mailboxes have become increasingly popular as a way for people and businesses to receive their mail digitally. The goal for virtual mailbox companies is to give their customers a more efficient, safer, and fully-digital way to receive their mail. With that, companies should have a completely digital process for prospective customers — both individuals and businesses — looking to purchase a virtual mailbox service.

Giving customers the ability to choose their plan and pay online is a given. But when it comes to notarizing the required USPS Form 1583, virtual mailbox companies should be giving their clients the option to sign and notarize them online, creating a seamless and secure digital experience that customers are looking for, which can also translate into more revenue for your company.

Benefits of giving customers the option to notarize the USPS Form 1583 online

When individuals are looking to purchase a virtual mailbox service, it’s likely because they prefer paperless processes and/or value the convenience of their mail being scanned and delivered digitally. Businesses might opt for a virtual mailbox so they can easily receive mail, regardless of where they’re physically located. With convenience being top of mind, it’s essential that the enrollment process is quick and easy. Online notarization allows for a simple and digitally seamless process that doesn’t confuse or deter customers looking to avoid manual, paper-filled processes.

Providing your customers with the ability to easily notarize their USPS Form 1583 online through a platform like Notarize, can:

  • Remove the barrier to entry: Prospective customers may be more likely to complete their enrollment if they can do everything required from their smartphone, tablet or desktop. This means they don’t need to take time out of their day — as individuals or business owners — to find a notary or appear in person to sign and complete their form.
  • Reduce time to service: If clients can sign and notarize their documents online and send them in digitally, the turnaround time from sign up to receiving their mail virtually can be cut down significantly.
  • Give a competitive edge: By providing individuals and businesses with the flexibility and convenience of online notarization, it can be the difference between them choosing your virtual mailbox services versus another.
  • Provide a more secure notarization option: Online notarizations can be more secure than traditional, in-person notarizations. The NotarizeSM platform uses a multifactor authentication process to verify signer identity, rather than relying solely on the discretion of a notary. Additionally, notarized documents are electronically accessible and all video calls are recorded so that any legally authorized party may view and verify the notarization.

The Notarize platform makes it easy for your individual clients and business customers to upload, sign and legally notarize documents within minutes. This not only provides a seamless, digital experience that customers have come to prefer, but it can also lead to more revenue for digital mailbox companies.

Interested in learning more about online notarization for virtual mailbox services? Chat with our team of experts.

If you’re a current customer, reach out to to see how you can best utilize the Notarize platform to increase revenue and give your customers the best experience.

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