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Notarize Is Partnering With AccuTitle’s LandTech

LandTech users now have access to the Notarize platform and our network of notaries.
August 9, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with AccuTitle’s title management platform, LandTech. The new integration will provide a seamless online notarization experience for LandTech users, allowing them to connect with a notary 24/7 through the Notarize platform.

Using the integration with Notarize, LandTech users can:

  • Save significant time per transaction, reducing client time spent on notarization and returning forms
  • Access a properly-commissioned notary anywhere, anytime, from any smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Mitigate wire fraud and reduce risks and errors

To find out more about Notarize’s integration with LandTech, please visit:

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