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Introducing In-Meeting Chat

Write this down: Notarize now offers written chat during live video signings.
April 27, 2022
1 min

Today Notarize is launching an important new product feature: In-Meeting Chat. Notarizations are a mission-critical transaction and are often the last step in life’s most important moments, and being able to complete them entirely online brings a new level of accessibility to the process. With today’s launch, In-Meeting Chat brings enhanced accessibility to those who might have hearing and speech impairments or disabilities and need to communicate in writing in order to be best understood. In-Meeting Chat also acts as a fall-back function in the case of technical issues that might unexpectedly arise in-session.   

Trust and accessibility at the speed of the internet

At Notarize, we want people to meet their objectives as seamlessly as possible, and with this in mind, we built a secure, In-Meeting Chat feature for web-based transactions. This new feature allows notaries, signers, and any other meeting participant to share instant written feedback over chat during live, on-demand video sessions, resulting in a frictionless virtual signing experience.

In-Meeting Chat makes it easier for anyone, especially those with hearing and speech impairments, to participate in online notarizations. Via our research, we learned that the option to communicate in writing during a live session could smooth any potential communication challenges for both the notary and the signer(s). All participants can now also use the chat feature as a backup communication method if any audio issues arise during a live video session. Simply type out messages to communicate with those in the meeting while you work to resolve any audio issues.

We also make it easy for you to keep a record of these chat conversations. Anyone with access to the transaction details will have the ability to view the chat transcript, which includes timestamps. If chat is used during the meeting, the chat messages will appear over the video when it’s played in our platform’s notary journal or transaction details modal. The video and the chat transcript can also be downloaded separately. Through these innovations and more, Notarize is building the most trusted and compliant online notarization platform.

We’re excited to launch In-Meeting Chat, and to enhance the accessibility of our simpler, smarter, and safer online notarization user experience. 

Note: In-Meeting Chat is currently web-based for business and personal transactions and currently excludes real estate signings. It will be available for the Android and iOS Notarize App for signers and all transactions, including real estate, in Q3 2022.

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