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Notarize Brings Remote Online Notarization to Adobe Sign

October 21, 2021
3 min

Notarize and Adobe Sign customers can now securely access best-in-class remote online notarization within Adobe Sign’s digital document workflows through a completed integration between the two companies. Adobe Sign users can initiate remote online notarizations, track and manage document status, and securely store and access e-signed and notarized documents—all from within Adobe Sign.

Remote Online Notarization (RON) is Key to an Easy, Efficient and Fully Digital, End-to-End Solution

The integration between Notarize and Adobe Sign makes signing and notarizations faster and easier, allowing customers to do business how, when, and where they want via any desktop or mobile device. Adobe Sign customers now have instant access to a best-in-class, fully compliant, industry-leading remote online notarization experience with first- and third-party notaries who can notarize documents for acceptance in all 50 states. Customers simply click the newly-integrated “Add Notary” button within the Adobe Sign interface. There is no need to exit or interrupt workflows to add e-signature and notarization capabilities to contract processes. 

“By bringing the power of Adobe Sign together with the Notarize platform, Adobe Sign customers will be able to meet a critical need in our evolving market: getting documents e-signed and notarized quickly, easily, and securely,” said Simon Williams, VP of strategic development at Adobe.

Over the last year, consumers and businesses embraced the immense value of digital transformation and the ability to accomplish formerly complicated tasks from the comfort and safety of their homes. Adobe is a leader in providing solutions for complicated but essential digital experiences. The opportunity for Notarize to partner with such a visionary business furthers our mission of bringing trust to life’s most important moments.

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Businesses of All Sizes Benefit From the Notarize and Adobe Partnership 

Specific benefits of the Notarize integration to Adobe Sign customers include:  

  • Shorter Timelines and More Sustainable Business Processes -  Notarizations done offline cost valuable time and money, and there is significant waste associated with printing, filing, faxing, shipping and storing documents. Keeping notarizations online on a two-way video call in Adobe Sign removes the need to schedule in-person meetings or travel and reduces transaction times from days or weeks to mere minutes. It also reduces spend, removes stacks of paper from the process, eliminates errors, introduces process tracking, and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce Security and Fraud Risk - The Remote Online Notarization technology that Notarize pioneered is a safe and secure method to verify identities and notarize a document, invoking enterprise-grade security, next-generation ID verification and credential analysis, multi-factor authentication, and a full audit trail, which prevents fraud. 
  • Digitizing the Process Enhances Accuracy and Flexibility - Manual processes and tasks that were previously performed offline and usually caused delays can now be digitized and fully-tracked to keep business moving forward in a compliant and accurate manner. Signers can unlock flexibility with “where you left off” multi-party capabilities.  

Customers now have instant access to a best-in-class, fully compliant, industry-leading remote online notarization experience with first and third-party notaries who can notarize documents for acceptance in all 50 states. Use the software with an in-house first-party notary who has been onboarded to the Notarize platform, utilize Notarize’s on-demand third-party notaries, or a combination of the two to connect to a notary on the Notarize platform 24/7, 365 days a year. 

If you’re ready to get started or need more information about the Adobe and Notarize partnership, visit

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