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New York Becomes Latest State to Pass Remote Online Notarization Law

December 28, 2021
3 min

2021 was a momentous year for remote online notarization (RON), but as we prepare to ring in 2022, New York helped us close out the year with a bang. On December 22, Governor Kathy Hochul signed A399B/S1708C, becoming the 38th state in the country to pass a RON law. 

A399B/S1708C is a step in the right direction for New York’s notaries and continues the momentum that we have seen across the country as more states move to make online notarization available. 

While the new law certainly puts New York on the path to making RON available to its notaries, the law requires additional work before notaries in the state can start performing online notarizations.

Similar to new RON laws in other states, New York requires the New York Department of State to establish new regulations and a registration process for notaries. Understanding that the regulations and registration process for online notarization in New York is not currently in place and will take time to develop, the state is working to bring RON to notaries by January 2023. 

As the Department of State begins the process of implementing RON in New York, we look forward to working with the state to make sure that crucial fraud prevention tools, such as the multi-factor authentication of signers, are required in New York. Multi-factor authentication is a core feature of online notarization and is central to making sure that everyone involved - from the notary to the consumer - is protected.

Notarize would especially like to acknowledge and thank New York Assemblywoman Nily Rozic (Assembly District 25) for her partnership with Notarize and championing of A399B. Assemblywoman Rozic’s leadership on this issue will help reduce the barriers to access around traditional notary services and we’re grateful for her dedication to this issue. Here’s what the Assemblywoman said about the new law: 

“Thank you to Governor Hochul for signing this long overdue legislation that will allow all New Yorkers to access notarial services and would allow working people to have their documents notarized without losing wages for lost working hours spent at an in-person notary public.”

Notarize has dedicated years to working with lawmakers and regulators from across the country to help increase access to online notarization. We are proud to have a team that is readily available to partner with governments everywhere and look forward to continuing this work to bring online notarization to all 50 states.

If you have additional questions or would like to get in touch with us, please contact Notarize Public Affairs:

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