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Notarize Named to Forbes' 2021 'Next Billion-Dollar Startups' List

October 12, 2021
2 min

We started Notarize in 2015 with the goal of bringing notarizations into the digital era. Notarizations have long been the process that time forgot — a service grounded in paper, ink, and in-person meetings. We knew technology could transform life’s most important moments, from getting married to buying your first home. Digital notarization — also known as Remote Online Notarization (RON) — offers a safer, simpler, more secure experience. 

Our CEO Pat Kinsel founded Notarize after having that classic entrepreneurial “lightbulb moment.” He needed an important document notarized, so he did what most Americans did at the time: he made his way  down to the local UPS Store one afternoon, where a notary stamped — but didn’t sign — his document. That single missing signature created months of headaches, but it also changed everything. 

That missed signature proved to be the spark for a total digital transformation. Countless industries are now fully digital because Notarize closed the “last mile” of their most critical transactions. The benefits of notarizing online apply to every industry imaginable: real estate, financial services, auto, insurance, and more. We’re thrilled to see the impact that lightbulb moment continues to have on our everyday lives.

The Notarize team spent years educating and partnering with regulators and industry leaders. As the product evolved into a secure, on-demand platform, Notarize was also helping change laws to allow for RON to be more accessible to more people.

It took us 50 months to lay that groundwork, which positioned us to help the nation’s most important economic sectors when COVID arrived in March 2020. We’ve grown 10x over the last five quarters — helping thousands of people through life’s most important moments in the middle of an unprecedented crisis. We’ve continued to build for a world that’s not just a “new normal,” but forever different. Digital transformation is here to stay. 

We’re incredibly proud of the service we provide. Every customer we connect with is someone who is moving their lives or businesses forward. Every transaction we complete enables them to refinance their mortgage for a lower monthly payment, or withdraw the money they need from their 401k.  

It’s been a winding road to get to today, where Forbes has just named Notarize one of the ‘Next Billion-Dollar Startups’ — and we’re not stopping here.  

Read the full story here: Forbes: How Notarize Built A $760 Million Business In Online Notaries 

Click the image below to watch the Notarize story:


We’re humbled and grateful for the recognition of what we’ve built to date, the transformation we’ve enabled, and for the possibility of being the enduring, transformational company we’ve long hoped to become.

We’re excited to continue to fulfill our mission to bring trust to life’s most important moments. 

Are you a notary looking to notarize online? Check out our notary solutions.

Interested in being a part of what’s next? Join us — Notarize is Hiring.

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