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Get your document notarized online in minutes via audio/video powered by the most trusted platform in the industry. Need support? Check the eligibility requirements here.

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Notary Details

  • Notary Location:
    New Jersey

  • Notary Location:
    New Jersey

  • Spoken Languages:
    english, french

  • Years of Experience:

  • Completed Online Notarizations:

  • Specialty:
    financial services

  • Notary Rating:

  • Phone:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Nick Chaudry do a notarization for you if you're not in the state of New Jersey?

Through Notarize - and thanks to interstate recognition of Remote Online Notarization - Nick is able to offer services as a notary public to both New Jersey residents and US Citizens nationwide. For state specific compliance information, please see our remote online notarization availability map.

How long does an online notarization take with Nick Chaudry?

Online notarizations through Notarize take less than minutes on average. If Nick does not accept your meeting request within five minutes, please try again later or use our 24/7 On-Demand Notaries.

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