Nevada Electronic Notary Exemplar

Oct 18, 2020
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Andrew Macdougall

Nevada notaries interested in conducting online notarizations must first obtain an exemplar. This exemplar must be submitted as part of your online notarization application to the Secretary of State’s office.

Here's how you can obtain a Nevada Electronic Notary exemplar.

What is an electronic notary exemplar?

The signature and seal Nevada notaries will use to conduct online notarizations are collectively referred to as the "exemplar."

Where can I get an electronic notary exemplar?

To obtain an exemplar, Nevada notaries must select an approved Electronic Notary Solution Provider. From there, the provider will need to supply the notary with a copy of their wet signature (as it appears on the notary's traditional notary application) and an electronic seal.

The notary must have their exemplar combined in one PDF file to complete their electronic notary registration with the Secretary of State's office.

How to obtain a Nevada electronic notary exemplar from Notarize

The Notarize Compliance team will provide you with this exemplar, which will contain your seal and signature on Notarize letterhead.

In order for us to send you the exemplar, you first need to do the following:

  1. Begin by filling in your personal information at
  2. Add your traditional notarial information to the “Commission Details” tab.
  3. In the “Signature and Seal” tab, create your digital signature, initials, and seal.
  4. As soon as you complete these steps, let us know by emailing We’ll then send you the exemplar you need to complete your application.

When you receive your RON commission, just come back to and upload it to your Notarize profile! All of your other documentation will be just where you left it.

If you need additional guidance in obtaining your online notary commission in Nevada, visit this page.

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