Mobile Send & Manage

Your business moves fast, and sometimes that means you need to hit the road. Mobile Send & Manage was built with business travel top of mind. Now you can send, sign and track document status right from your iOS or Android device.

 After logging in with your Notarize account, you’ll be presented with an option to add documents by tapping on the plus button. Documents can be added by scanning with your mobile device, importing a file, importing using a template, or importing from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Note: Importing from templates is currently only available on Android (coming soon on iOS). Customers should check their subscription tier to make sure templates are supported.

After adding a document, you’ll be asked if you need to sign the document or send it to someone else.

Selecting “Someone else needs to sign” will direct you to add details about the primary signer:


Add the signer's phone number to send the transaction via SMS.

Note: Customers should check their subscription tier to confirm if the SMS feature is available to them. SMS is available to pro plans and above.

Once you’ve filled out your signer details tap “Save” to keep the document as a draft or, if you're ready, tap send.

You can view your sent transactions as well as the status of other transactions from the documents dashboard. The document dashboard is located under the “Sent Documents” tab.



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