How to Become an Online Notary in Nebraska

Apr 21, 2020
| Updated
Aug 16, 2023
 | BY
Andrew Macdougall

Notaries public in Nebraska can now apply to serve their communities as commissioned online notaries. This commission will allow you to complete electronic notarizations completely online through a secure, two-way video call.

How to Obtain Your Online Notarial Commission

Current Nebraska notaries can apply to become an online notary public through the Secretary of State’s Office. You can find the application and its requirements here.

As of April 15, 2020, you will need to submit a completed Online Notary Registration Form and Online Notary Public Test to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office, along with the required $50 fee.

The Secretary of State will soon add an educational training component, which you will be required to complete within 30 days of it being made available to you. Please email if you have any specific questions about the training or your application.

As part of the application process, you will need to select a state-approved online notarization solution provider – like Notarize.

Who Can Notarize on Our Platform?

Recently, Notarize announced that it’s opening the Notarize platform to Nebraska closing agents who work for title agencies and real estate firms.

  • What can you do? Complete and execute notarizations for your fully online closings. You must be a user for an onboarded title agency or law firm, and the title agency or law firm must have a monthly subscription with Notarize.
  • Who is eligible? This is an opportunity for title agents and real estate attorneys in Nebraska as of 4/15/2020. The signing agents must be W-2 employees, not contractors for a title agency, as this service is not yet available to signing agencies or mobile notaries on behalf of a closing agent.

All notaries that use the Notarize platform must meet similar minimum standards which are explained below.

Notarizing Documents on the Notarize Platform

Recently, Notarize announced that it opened the Notarize platform to Nebraska notaries if they are employed by a business using Notarize.

All notaries that use the Notarize platform must meet similar minimum compliance standards. Therefore, all notaries must follow the same application process to access our platform.

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