Notarize for Business

Collect legally notarized documents online. Transform your operations and eliminate the hassle of notarized documents.

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A place for all your customers’ notarizations.

  • Track your Customer’s Progress

    Access a dashboard of all notary transactions and know where your customers are in the process.

  • Transaction Details

    After notarization, automatically receive a copy for your records, including a video recording of the transaction and other details.

  • Email Notifications

    Notify your customers by email and send a custom message with any instructions or information.

Give your customers access from anywhere in the world.

With Notarize for business, your customers can annotate, sign and notarize your documents from anywhere using their iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer in minutes.

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A custom experience from start to finish.

  • Prep & Manage your Documents

    Upload the files you've prepped, then control whether your customers can annotate or simply sign.

  • Communicate with your Customers

    When sending a document to be notarized, send a custom message to be sure they understand the process.

  • Decide Who Pays

    Pay for the notarization or pass the cost on to your customer.

Notarize for Enterprise

Notarize for Enterprise

For businesses with more advanced requirements, Notarize now offers enterprise capabilities.

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Notarize for Mortgage_Remote Online Notary. Online Closings. Mortgage

Notarize for Mortgage

The first platform to enable a completely online mortgage closing process.

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Freddie Mac
"Freddie Mac is focused on innovation as a medium to help lenders achieve their goals around efficiency and deliver a better customer experience. We see the digitization of the mortgage process as one way to reduce errors, speed the closing process and offer a complete solution to consumers. Lenders have long sought the digital mortgage, and today the industry takes a big step forward with Notarize's closing of the first ever fully online mortgage with electronic documents. With the vast majority of counties now accommodating eRecording of mortgages and more states adopting electronic notarization, we’re seeing a transformation across the industry. Freddie Mac intends to continue to support the digital mortgage space."
Samuel E. Oliver III
VP of Strategic Delivery for Freddie Mac’s Single-Family Business
"Tech savvy consumers are used to a world where online transactions are commonplace. When buying a home, it’s only natural they will expect the same online convenience, security and speed for their mortgage closing process. Stewart has a long history of innovation focused on improving the customer experience and Notarize offers a key element. We’re proud to be associated with Notarize."
Marvin Stone
Senior Vice President of Business Integration
"Notarize enables real estate professionals to focus on their clients with greater attention and efficiency, providing a superior technology that automates a variety of complex processes. A faster, more secure closing reduces stress and improves the overall experience, and we believe Notarize is the company that will make this a reality for agents across the country."
Bob Goldberg
CEO National Association of REALTORS®
"At Westcor, we’re focused on giving agents the tools they need to compete and win in today’s market. Notarize will enable our title agent partners to meet borrowers online for the first time, when and where they want. It not only offers a better user experience, it significantly reduces agents’ operational costs. We are live with Notarize and are eager to support any lender or title agent looking to offer their borrowers an online closing or signing in these markets."
Mary O’Donnell
President & CEO, Westcor Land Title Insurance Company