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Notarize Makes Built In's List for Best Remote-First Places to Work

January 5, 2022
3 min

Notarize is proud and excited to announce that we made Built In’s list for the Top 100 Remote-First Places to Work!

Due to the pandemic, many people have become accustomed to working from home — whether they’re fully remote or adopting a hybrid approach with a few days a week in an office. And while it’s not without its challenges, we believe that being a remote-first workplace has been a huge asset to our growth as a company. Here are our thoughts on remote first culture, plus some of the initiatives we have in place to ensure that Notarize is a great place to work for our 460+ employees — no matter where they work.

Stamp together

Our company ethos, “Stamp together,” a play on the stamps used by notaries, is built on the premise of both working collaboratively and collectively. We place importance on taking a sense of ownership of our work, and sharing it with everyone at the company. We use tools like Confluence to ensure everyone has access to information within all parts of the organization, and can easily find answers to questions from new campaigns and initiatives to team rosters. We communicate through various platforms, and utilize frequent recurring company-wide meetings and “fireside chats” to discuss goals, new initiatives and celebrate employees for their notable contributions.

A more personal office

Although we may not be huddled together in a physical office, we are more closely connected than ever before. Throughout the year, we spend hours on video calls that open us up to each other’s homes. Whether that’s a studio in New York City or a house in Seattle, we see each other in our most personal spaces (and sometimes with children and pets popping into view). We can see the art hanging on the wall or the books on the bookshelf in the background. This makes work very personal, bringing us closer together, giving a glimpse into who we are outside of work — our interests, hobbies, and familial roles — because we’re all so much more than our day jobs.

So while we may not have that daily in-person interaction, we certainly still feel a level of connectedness and arguably more than those who spend their days in adjacent cubicles.

Progressive benefits and HR initiatives

As a remote-first company, it’s important that we acknowledge mental health and the burnout that can come from working (and living) in the same space. Therefore, we have built in initiatives to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to take care of themselves. For example, we have a flexible/unlimited PTO policy so employees can take time to reset, travel, and spend time with loved ones. Our CEO, Pat Kinsel, also implemented “Operation Chillax,” a company-mandated week vacation. And additionally, employees are encouraged to take a monthly “Wellness Day Off” — a chance to take a break and practice self-care during these stressful and uncertain times.

And we continue to invest in our people in new and innovative ways. In the new year, we will be offering new reward and recognition programs, such as a peer bonus (known as the Notarize Champion, chosen by fellow employees) and a Founders Award (awarded by the CEO) to commend truly transformational  work. We will also be implementing a new approach to compensation - “One Notarize” - which includes one national pay scale for compensation rather than an outdated geography based plan. We believe this approach will further enable our remote work, allow full mobility across the US and make Notarize more compelling and competitive to candidates.

We are proud of the many initiatives we have in place that contribute to making Notarize a great (remote) place to work. These are just some of the benefits we offer to keep employees feeling connected and appreciated, while emphasizing the importance of a healthy work-life balance. And more to come.

We’re hiring! If you’re interested in learning more about what Notarize offers as a top remote-first workplace, you can find a list of our open roles here.

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