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Notarize and Title Resource Group Partner to Support Fully-Digital Closings


A quick, efficient mortgage process was long considered a dream to prospective homebuyers, but technology is disrupting the mortgage industry.

At Notarize, we’ve done our part by building the first remote online notarization platform that fits the expectations of the digital age. We built Notarize for Mortgage and Notarize for Title Agents to provide cost-cutting efficiencies, reduce the chance of delays, and empower anyone to complete real estate transactions from anywhere at any time.

In May of 2018, Realogy Holdings Corp. made a strategic investment in Notarize. We are grateful for Realogy’s trust in us, and share their commitment to industry-leading technology solutions and leveraging these tools at scale. Over the last few months, we’ve worked closely with Realogy and their management team to reimagine the home-buying experience from top to bottom.

And today, we’re ready to take another big step forward into the digital mortgage space.

Improving the Closing Experience for All

Notarize is excited to announce a new partnership with Title Resource Group, a leading title insurance underwriter and subsidiary of Realogy, that will expand online closings nationwide.

Our partnership with Title Resource Group will enable independent title agents across the country to engage in cutting-edge digital mortgage solutions.

“Title Resource is pleased to support Notarize and remote online notarization efforts in all counties (and states) where we are licensed that will accept electronically recorded documents,” said Scott McCall, CEO of Title Resource Group. “Understanding the value technology can bring to all participants of a real estate transaction, our organization has prioritized investing in technologies like Notarize that streamline complex processes and deliver newfound convenience. By reducing paper, time and human error, and allowing customers to close anytime, anywhere, on their terms, we are empowering our agents to deliver an exceptional customer experience.”

Realogy is the largest owner and operator of real estate brokerages in America, with leading brands like Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby’s, Corcoran, Better Homes and Garden, and more. Realogy brands helped consumers with 1.4 million homesale transactions in 2020, more than any other real estate company.

Notarize provides thousands of agents with a secure, efficient remote online notarization platform that allows them to focus on the high-value activities that demand their attention and care.

Our partnership with Realogy and Title Resource will not only accelerate a lengthy loan process, but it will enhancing their overall loan quality.

“The Title Resource management team has a deep understanding of the potential digitized real estate transactions hold,” said Adam Pase, Co-Founder & COO of Notarize. “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Title Resource and Realogy to support their portfolio of services aimed at helping people buy and sell homes.”

The Notarize platform is available effective immediately for all independent agents appointed with Title Resource and for all transaction types, including purchase, refinance, HELOCs, and all cash transactions. Title Resource’s agents will be expected to follow agent guidelines related to remote online notarization transactions to assure transactions are closed properly.

We are thrilled to partner with Realogy and Title Resource as we seek the best online closing experience for homeowners across the country.

We can’t wait to get to work.

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