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North Carolina Becomes Latest State To Pass Remote Online Notarization Law

North Carolina joins 40 other states that have passed remote online notarization laws.
July 11, 2022
1 min

Remote online notarization has found yet another home in North Carolina. The Tarheel State is now the 41st state to enact legislation on remote online notarization. On July 8, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed House Bill 776, making online notarization available to the state's notaries starting July 1, 2023. Please refer to the North Carolina Secretary of State's website for more information in the coming months.

North Carolina's RON law will bring many of the benefits of RON to the state's notaries. By authorizing notaries to provide services entirely online, notaries will be able to serve residents across the state as well as individuals located across the country. 

However, HB 776 contains several unique provisions that restrict the full potential of online notarization, including limiting a notary's ability to serve consumers abroad.

While we are encouraged to see progress made in North Carolina, we are hopeful that further amendments will be made to improve the online notarization process in the state. We look forward to continuing to work with the North Carolina General Assembly and the Secretary of State to build upon HB 776.

North Carolina makes 41 states that have passed permanent RON laws. Tremendous progress has been made in the last two years, and Notarize continues to work with lawmakers and regulators across the country to help increase access to online notarization and to bring trust online. We are proud to have a team that is readily available to partner with governments everywhere and look forward to continuing this work to bring online notarization to all 50 states.

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