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News for Notaries: New States, New Pricing and New Features

We're excited to announce some of our latest updates for notaries, including free promotional pricing.
June 6, 2022
4 min

Best-in-class notaries deserve a best-in-class experience on the Notarize℠ platform.

By popular demand, earlier today (June 6, 2022), Notarize unveiled the launch of its Notary Sourced Transaction (NST) offering — which allows notaries to digitize their independent businesses in 12 new states: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. These states join the ranks of Tennessee and Washington, both of which have seen a tremendous uptake by new and existing notaries on the Notarize platform.

In addition to the highly requested expansion of the NST offering, notaries will also be able to take full advantage of FREE promotional pricing (no get started fees, monthly platform fees or transaction fees) through year end* as well as a compliance-focused feature suite providing better safeguards to enable compliant and error-free transactions.

Designed with the notaries — and their subsequent experience on the Notarize platform — in mind, here’s a comprehensive overview of what this launch means for notaries and the future of Notarize, and how you can get started today.

What does this mean for notaries?

Nationwide, millions of entrepreneurial-spirited and business-minded notaries seek to work with Notarize to help them digitize, grow, and elevate their independent businesses. By successfully eliminating boundaries such as geographical borders and traditional working hours, online notarization — and Notarize, in particular — is able to provide notaries with the ultimate reach and flexibility, maximum earning potential and brand exposure, and the transcendent diversification of their offerings and existing client portfolios.

The first of its kind; this launch positions Notarize as more accessible, affordable, and compliant than ever before. Notaries on the Notarize platform will gain access to their own dedicated business account, which will enable them to complete error-free and state-compliant transactions while offering their customers a simpler, smarter, and safer way to get documents notarized with the support of a compliance-focused feature suite including the following:

  • Quick Stamp℠ (State-Compliant Notary Template) which uses state-specific annotations and templates to help notaries easily and accurately complete compliant notarial certificates;
  • Notary-Compliant Meeting Checklist - a guide of reminders available to the notary to help ensure the notarization complies with the laws of your state (NOTE: notaries are NOT required to use the checklist; it is only an available reference guide); and,
  • In-Meeting Chat which enables enhanced accessibility for individuals with hearing and speech impairments, provides a secondary option if technical issues are experienced, and generates compliant video and text transcripts.

What sets Notarize apart?

In addition to new states, new pricing, and new features, Notarize is dedicated to delivering the best — in big and small ways — to the steadfast advocates and front-line champions for our product: the notaries. The NST offering enables you to set your own pricing and payment structure for your customers while utilizing features to optimize your business, including templates, easy links, and unique simplified witness procedures.

In addition to our new and existing built-in features, here’s how we support notaries in a way that sets us apart.

  • NEW! State of the art self-paced comprehensive onboarding program 
  • NEW! A dedicated Notary Success Team and curated content to set you up for success in each and every transaction
  • Invitations to events with Notarize platform experts on new products, the latest features, and need-to-know tips and guidance including compliance feedback
  • A dynamic, multi-factor authentication process (Knowledge-Based Authentication, Credential Analysis) and tools you can trust right inside our product to drive accurate, compliant notarizations
  • A free electronic seal and electronic signature. Plus, free access to end-to-end session recordings and your notary journal (held for your state’s minimum record retention period)

How do I get started with Notarize?

Are you a notary located in one of the aforementioned 14 states in which NST is now available? We’ve got good news: sign up today to become a notary on the Notarize platform for FREE*.

Interested, but don’t see your state on the list? That just means we’re still working on it! Head to to add your name to the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know when we go live in your state.

What happens next?

Once you’ve created your Notarize account, you can count on the support from the Notary Onboarding Team and our Knowledge@Notarize℠ training program to get you set up for success. From your first training module to your first online notarization transaction on the platform — and the many more that will follow — we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

*The FREE promotional pricing will only be available through 12/31/22. When this promotional pricing period ends, we'll keep notaries in mind when we release new pricing that will keep any costs associated with platform use fair.

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