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Flueid and Notarize Integrate to Fuel a Modern, Digital End-to-End Real Estate Closing Experience

Both platforms streamline lender and title workflows to deliver a better, more integrated digital consumer experience.
December 15, 2022
4 mins

Today Notarize is proud to announce a new integration with Flueid, the leading real estate technology company using title data and insights to fuel transactions from end-to-end. The integration will make RON availability data and services accessible through the company’s patented Flueid Decision platform. The strategic alliance between Notarize and Flueid fuses both companies’ areas of expertise to power a simple, smart and secure real estate transaction from loan application through closing, and spotlights where and how RON can be utilized.

The integration brings together the functionalities of two powerful platforms. Notarize provides lenders and title agents with an all-in-one platform for hybrid or fully remote online closings for purchase, refinance, and home equity transactions. The platform integrates and simplifies workflows across the two parties, unlocking dramatic efficiencies in the lending life cycle while providing meaningful and measurable time and cost savings for title partners. Flueid Decision brings purpose-built title data and insights to the start of every residential real estate workflow. This allows lenders to check title at the loan application and use data and key alerts to understand if a transaction is clear-to-close, make decisions about a loan, and set the right workflow. Then, when title is ordered, the platform helps Flueid title partners easily produce and deliver a title commitment that matches the information provided to the lender for an accurate and efficient process. 

While each are unique areas of expertise, together, Flueid and Notarize are optimizing workflows and enabling a truly end-to-end digital transaction experience for everyone. 

“At Notarize, customers turn to our leading remote online notarization platform to execute on key real estate transactions through a simple, secure and versatile centralized workflow,” said Pat Kinsel, Founder and CEO at Notarize. “Flueid shares our vision of unlocking greater transparency, as well as time and cost efficiencies between teams in a real estate transaction to ultimately deliver an exceptional customer experience. By unifying our capabilities and respective areas of expertise, we can unlock a simpler, smarter and secure real estate workflow that results in a faster closing.” 

Starting in 2023, Flueid lender and title customers can easily check eClosing and eRecording availability within Flueid Decision thanks to Notarize’s robust acceptance data. This milestone represents the first step in the collaboration, with more details regarding additional integration capabilities to be shared in the coming months.

“Consumers want an easy and efficient real estate transaction, in many cases closing in 10 days or less – a target that requires workflow innovation, optimization and automation to achieve,” said Peter Richter, Co-Founder and President at Flueid. “Both Notarize and Flueid have focused on the digitization of processes that have historically been manual and time-consuming. Together, we are helping arm our partners and ultimately, their consumers, with a seamless mortgage lending and closing experience.”

Those interested in Notarize or Flueid products can contact or to request more information. To learn more about Flueid, please visit

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