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The easiest way to send transactions to Notarize. Decrease closing times and improve operational efficiencies across all aspects of your business.

How It Works

Seamlessly access Notarize directly from AccuTitle's Landtech software.
Choose your transaction type
Chose your signer(s) and upload your docs
Customize your order options and messaging
Your online closing is ready
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AccuTitle provides RealTech platforms focused on automating and streamlining the title production and closing process. The AccuTitle family of products includes TitleFusion, Closers’ Choice, Landtech, and TrackerPro, serving over 2,500 title professionals in 32 states. AccuTitle’s mission is to produce title software to make an intricate process more manageable and provide custom solutions to unique problems. To learn more, visit:

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Why Notarize

Grow your business, while saving time and money, reducing risk, and providing a differentiated experience for your customers
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Key Benefits

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Simplify Processes
Save time and streamline the closing process by working in a single platform.
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Avoid Duplicate Work
Eliminate the need to fill out the same information in multiple platforms.
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Increase Accuracy
Fewer clicks and typing equals a decrease in risk of human errors.
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