Notarize is committed to ensuring equal access to this website, and to our platform, for people with disabilities.

How we’re getting there

Work is ongoing. Here’s where we are today:

Digital accessibility standards

Web content produced by Notarize is intended to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Level (WCAG) AA success criteria, current version 2.1. We strive to make every page accessible. While we do not currently claim full site-wide conformance, we’re actively working towards it.

Accessible notary meetings

Both Notarize and the notaries providing remote online notarization service through our platform must comply with state-specific notarial law, and video notary sessions must be recorded. Within these legal constraints, we’re constantly working on ways to make online notarization as accessible as possible.

Tips for customizing your experience

Here are some tips for customizing your experience on our website or mobile application.

Making text larger

You can adjust your browser font settings to customize the size of text. Use the links below to find instructions for your specific browser.

Browsers we support
*Supported for all non-meeting parts of our applications

Zooming to increase text size
You can zoom in to increase the font size on your current browser window or tab. Zoom settings are typically window or tab-specific, and might not be retained if you refresh or open another window.

To zoom in:
  • On Windows: Press the CTRL and + keys to zoom in, and the CTRL and - keys to zoom out
  • On MacOS: Press the CMD and + keys to zoom in, and the CMD and - keys to zoom out
Accessibility on Mobile Devices

Notarize provides apps for both iPhone and Android. Each of these device platforms provides accessibility features for vision, hearing, and mobility impairments.

Here are instructions for updating these setting on your device:
Apple iPhone