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Why Use Notarize Rather Than Finding a Notary in Martinique?

As an American citizen living or traveling in Martinique, it can be incredibly difficult to find a US notary public that is available when you need them. Notarize is the simpler, smarter, and safer solution to get a notarization from anywhere.
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$25 for one notarization
$10 per additional notarization seal
Experience a contact-free transaction
Access to on-demand 24/7 notaries
Connect with a notary from anywhere
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US Embassies and Consulates
$50 for one notarization
$50 per additional notarization seal
In-person meetings are required
Limited hours and appointment based
Limited locations in the country

Americans Abroad Have These Questions About Online Notarization

At Notarize, we're champions of bringing trust online 24/7 for life's most important moments. Take a second to understand what online notarization is, and the legality of online notarization for US citizens living or traveling abroad.

Is it secure to notarize a United States document online from Martinique?

Yes, online notarization is legal and secure to use in Martinique. All transactions through the Notarize platform undergo a dynamic, multi-factor authentication process. Knowledge-Based Authentication, Credential Analysis, and native platform tools to support proper notarial vetting ensure that Notarize is a simpler, smarter, and safer solution.

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What do I need in order to notarize a document in Martinique?

Notarize your documents entirely online by connecting with a commissioned notary public by live video. Skip the hassle of trying to find a US notary public near you, and connect with one of our on-demand 24/7 notaries right now.

In order to complete an online notarization in Martinique, you will need the following:

  • An original, unsigned document (Don't sign it before uploading! You must sign with the notary public).
  • A computer, iPhone, or Android phone with audio and video capabilities.
  • A valid government–issued photo ID. Please see acceptable forms of identification for notarization.
  • A U.S. social security number for secure identity verification.

A single document can be notarized for $25 using Notarize. Each additional notary seal will cost $10 but most documents only require one. If you're a business, and need to send documents for customers to sign, head on over to the Notarize pricing page for our plans.

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