Compliance Requirements for Notaries in Tennessee

Last Modified Date: April 7, 2021

Businesses who "Bring Your Own Notary" use the Notarize platform to empower their notaries to complete online notarizations and real estate closings. Launching May, Notaries will also be able to use the Notarize platform for their independent businesses.

BYON only: once a notary has been invited to the company’s Notarize account by an account administrator, they'll be prompted to login to to complete their notary profile as shown below.

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Proper completion of notary profiles is key to running a safe and legally compliant platform and ensuring the integrity of notarial acts. To ensure the accuracy and compliance of the information uploaded into your notary profile, you should be prepared to satisfy the following requirements.

Here are the compliance requirements for businesses with notaries using Notarize in Tennessee:

Be a W-2 Employee

All notaries must be employees of the business. 

Obtain a Traditional Notarial Commission

Your traditional commission allows you to perform in-person notarizations. You must provide information about and upload a copy of it to your profile.

Purchase a Digital Certificate from IdenTrust

A digital certificate is an electronic credential that is used to digitally tamper seal notarized documents. You must purchase a digital certificate from IdenTrust and upload it to your profile.

Obtaining a digital certificate from IdenTrust takes between 3 and 5 days. You may choose any of the three IGC Agencies Basic Assurance Unaffiliated certificate options:

  • 1 Year - $62.00
  • 2 Year - $112.00
  • 3 Year - $149.00

We will not accept digital certificates issued by other vendors. 

Please note: IdenTrust requires you to provide certain personal information to validate your identity prior to issuing to you a digital certificate. Directions for acquiring your digital certificate are available here and directions for downloading your digital certificate and uploading to the Notarize platform are available here.

Obtain $25,000 E&O Insurance Policy

Errors and omissions insurance protects you from liability for false claims or unintentional notarial mistakes or omissions. You must provide information about and upload a copy of an errors and omissions insurance policy for at least $25,000 to the platform. Your business may rely on an umbrella policy ONLY if it covers each individual notary for at least $25,000.

Obtain a $10,000 Bond

Your bond protects the public from harm caused by your negligence or intentional misconduct. You must provide information about and upload a copy of it to your profile.

Generate an Electronic Signature and Notarial Seal in the Notarize Platform

Your electronic signature and seal are used to sign and seal notarized documents. Do not purchase your seal from other vendors. Both your electronic signature and notarial seal will be freely provided to you by the Notarize platform.

Obtain Authorization to Perform Online Notarizations

To obtain authorization to perform online notarizations, you must log in here and submit your application to the Secretary of State. After submission of this form, you must provide confirmation of its approval by uploading a copy of your authorization to perform online notarizations to your profile.

If you have any questions, reach out to Tennessee's Secretary of State's office at this email:

Please note: If you were already authorized to perform online notarizations prior to your application with Notarize, you must inform the Secretary of State that you are now using Notarize and upload proof of that notification to your profile.

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