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We're Opening the Notarize Platform, Adding 1,000 Notaries

Pat Kinsel
March 25, 2020
3 min

At Notarize, we’ve seen firsthand how the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is throwing the worlds of real estate and notary into crisis. The sacred notarial process – rooted in face-to-face interaction for hundreds of years – cannot function amidst a life-threatening pandemic. Industries that rely upon notaries are grinding to a halt.

To help solve the challenge of our time, we are opening the Notarize platform to commissioned notaries and title agents to meet the surge in demand for online notarizations.

We Want to Be Part of the Solution

There are 1.25 billion notarizations completed every year – everything from powers of attorney, beneficiary designations, real estate transactions, and mortgages. The COVID-19 outbreak is driving a spike in notarization requests as people rush to resolve critical health, family, and financial matters. 

As communities across the country commit to social distancing, it’s leaving many of the nation’s 40,000 professional notaries unable to meet in-person – and therefore, out of work. Yet there are more than 100 million notarizations each month that require a seal and a signature.

The only safe option is to conduct these notarizations online.

For years, we’ve been working behind the scenes to open the platform and afford notaries a safe and simple remote notarization solution. In light of COVID-19, we’ve accelerated our timeline to meet the needs of consumers, businesses, and notaries alike.

Who Can Notarize on Our Platform?

Currently, you can access our platform to execute notarizations in two ways: as a contracted notary working for Notarize, or as a notary employed by a business using Notarize.

Independent Notaries (apply to contract with Notarize here)

  • What can you do? Join Notarize as a contracted notary. You’ll notarize documents for our existing business and retail customers and get paid for each successful transaction.

    Beginning in 2021, we will allow independent notaries and NSAs to serve their existing business needs through our platform.
  • Who is eligible? As of 12/1/2020, this is an opportunity for commissioned electronic notaries in Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Virginia.

    For more information about joining the Notarize Notary Workforce, visit

Notaries Employed by a Business (request to use our Platform here)

  • What can you do? Prepare, request, and complete notarizations for your business customers. You must onboard with a business that has a contract with Notarize.
  • Who is eligible? As of 12/1/2020, this is an opportunity for title agents and real estate attorneys in Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

    This service is not yet available to signing agencies or mobile notaries on behalf of a closing agent.

At Notarize, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service for signers and our enterprise customers. Our on-staff notaries average a 4.97 rating across thousands of reviews, and all independent notaries will be required to provide the same level of exceptional service to remain on the platform.

We must keep that same quality of service for our customers.

All notaries that use the Notarize platform must meet similar minimum compliance standards. Therefore, whether you are an independent contractor notary or a notary employed by a business using Notarize, you will follow the same application process to access our platform.

States Will Come Online in Waves

We are working diligently to add new states as circumstances allow, but must do so in a responsible and legal manner. If you'd like to be kept up-to-date about when your state goes live on our platform, please fill out the form at

Pay and Schedule Information

Notaries contracted to perform business with Notarize will take calls from Notarize customers. These notaries will get to make their own hours – they may clock in when they'd like, work as long as they'd like, and log-off whenever they'd like.

Compensation is paid on the basis of per-completed transactions. You can find the most up-to-date version of our Pricing model here.

How to Access the Notarize Platform

You'll find a list of all the required documentation for your state at

Our mission is to empower businesses and independent notaries to work safely online so we can meet the national demand for critical notarized transactions.

Whether you’re an independent notary signing agent or a notary working on behalf of a business, we hope you’ll join us!

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Pat Kinsel

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