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Notarize Helps Transamerica Best Serve and Trust Their Clients Online

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Notarize is collaborating with Transamerica to help their retirement plan participants notarize a number of documents without ever leaving the comfort and safety of home. 

There are few companies as iconic as Transamerica, and throughout their 100+ year history, they’ve been a leading provider of life insurance, retirement and investment solutions, serving millions of customers throughout the United States. As they looked for the best, fully-electronic way to notarize transactions, they came to Notarize to help them serve their clients, both in the middle of a pandemic and beyond. 

Online notarization empowers financial services to better serve and trust their clients online. By using Notarize, Transamerica gives plan participants the choice to use a digital and secure alternative to in-person traditional notarization or to submit a notarized document rather than a medallion signature guarantee for certain transactions.

According to Kent Callahan, CEO of Workplace Solutions for Transamerica, "leveraging technology to automate and streamline our processes is ongoing in every aspect of our business. Of course, the pandemic accelerated the need for digital solutions. Our collaboration with Notarize makes the verification process quicker and easier for our customers and will remain core to how we digitize our business and offer useful consumer solutions, even post-pandemic."

Transamerica was ahead of the curve and leveraged Notarize to fully digitize their product experiences so customers could keep life and business moving forward, especially during the pandemic. Across all industries, we’re seeing increased consumer demand for technology that will both simplify and speed up their experiences, without compromising trust and security, and Transamerica met them in this moment by quickly deploying Notarize’s product to give their customers a convenient and secure solution when they needed it most. 

Together with Transamerica, we also appreciate the IRS’ quick action during the pandemic to temporarily allow industries to modernize at the pace of consumer demand and need.

You have notarization questions, we have notarization answers. While we at Notarize pride ourselves on providing helpful resources (like this blog!) to demystify notarization, we’re not lawyers and don’t give legal advice. Pro tip: always check with your own attorneys, advisors, or document recipients if you have further questions about notarization or digitally notarized docs.

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