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Notarize Unveils a Sleek, New Platform Navigation

We introduced a new user experience across the Notarize platform designed to make our product more intuitive for you and your team.
Andrew MacDougall
May 18, 2023
5 min read

At Notarize, we’re obsessed with building world-class experiences for you and your customers. It’s what earned us the trust of Fortune 500 companies, the nation’s largest banks, and everyday signers who have completed more than two million transactions on our platform.

We want to be a platform that does more than meet your business needs – we want to fuel your growth. That’s why we constantly iterate on the Notarize platform to produce an intelligent product with an intuitive experience.

Today, we launched a sleek, new navigation experience across the Notarize platform. These enhancements are the latest in a long line of updates designed to make our product simpler for you and your team. 

Click-through Demos: For Business | For Title | For Notary

Here’s how we’re improving your Notarize experience.

A Reimagined Platform Navigation

We designed this new navigation to simplify your user experience and better connect you with resources to scale your business.

The new design moves the navigation bar from the top of your Notarize account to the left side of your screen. But while the location is different, the pages you most often rely on remain readily accessible. This includes Send + Manage, Team Members, and Get Started. 

The updated navigation only affects how you move across the platform. These updates do not impact your transaction creation or management experience.

And we know you won’t need the navigation open all the time, so we added a caret icon at the top of the menu that allows you to expand or collapse the navigation bar at your convenience.

Open the menu to see your available product pages and view your organization’s information at a quick glance. Collapse the menu to have more space to conduct your business.

Calls Now Come to Your Dashboard

In-house notaries will now take all your calls using the Meetings tab within your respective Business, Title, or Lender portals. This means you no longer need to leave your dashboard and log into to access your calls.

The Meetings tab will break down your meetings between Unscheduled and Scheduled Meetings.

  • Unscheduled Meetings capture all incoming calls for transactions given a Date Window for completion.
  • Scheduled Meetings reflect meetings in the next three days where the transaction was given a specific date and time using the Scheduled Date option.

Whether the navigation is open or closed, the product icons are always present for quick and easy access to different product pages. If you're an in-house notary waiting on a call, we’ll alert you to live calls waiting with a red icon no matter where you are in the product, and regardless if the navigation is open or closed.


A Place to Call Your Own 

We recognize that your customers aren’t the only ones who need to complete documents. There are times when you may need to eSign a document or meet with a notary.

We’ve expanded your Notarize account to include a personal space where you can access eSign and notary services. For in-house notaries, this is also where you can access your notary journal.

You can explore these resources by clicking your initials in the top-right corner.

By clearly defining the areas of the product that are specific to you and specific to your business, we’ve made it easier for you to turn to Notarize for all your transactions.

A Consistent Login Experience

We have also made it easier for you and your team to log into Notarize by launching a unified login page at

This update benefits all users who previously signed into the Notarize platform from the Business, Lender, Notary, or Title login pages. Those previous login pages now redirect to our new login experience. 

How You Can Prepare Your Team

To further help you and your team prepare for these changes, we’ve designed walkthrough demonstrations for each platform tier. Click below to walk through the navigation experience that’s relevant to you.

The New Navigation for Businesses

The New Navigation for Title Agencies

The New Navigation for Notaries

If you have any questions, please connect with our team at

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Andrew MacDougall
Product Marketing Manager

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