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Introducing Notarize Panels, Giving You Complete Control of Your Customer Experience

Notarize Panels help companies provide the best possible customer experience at the highest scale with notaries they can trust.
April 10, 2023
7 min

When we opened the Notarize platform to independent notaries in 2020, we did so to connect communities in crisis. Businesses and consumers alike needed to access notaries during the pandemic, and at the same time, the notary community largely lost its ability to make a living.

As more businesses realize the benefits of handling their most important transactions online, they need greater control over the customer experience. The modern business needs a platform that blends transaction flexibility with premium service availability to help customers – anytime, anywhere.

Which is why today, we are proud to launch Notarize Panels, a new feature that allows businesses to control which notaries serve their clients.

With this launch, Notarize is the first online notarization provider to offer a premium, Enterprise-grade solution that offers your business notary functionality, flexibility, and scale.

You Control the Customer Experience

Notarize Panels helps you have greater control of the customer experience on the Notarize Platform by directing your signers to a notary you know, a notary you employ, or a notary from the Notarize Network who meets your selective criteria. 

You set the terms for your Notarize Panels, and can adjust them over time as your business needs change. For example, businesses can build Notarize Panels with:

  • Notaries you already work with;
  • Notaries with a certain CSAT score;
  • Notaries in certain states or time zones;
  • Notaries who can speak a certain language;
  • Notaries who specialize in a specific document type;
  • Notaries who are already familiar with a specific line of business

For companies with multiple lines of business, you can design a unique Notarize Panel to serve each branch or segment of your business. This gives you greater control over who has access to serve your transactions, and for teams with in-house notaries, greater support off-hour and during peak volume hours.

We’ve already seen proven results with some of our largest customers. A major customer with a complex set of forms has seen a 10% uptick in meeting success rate since implementing Notarize Panels, while averaging 5 minute meetings and a 4.98 CSAT rating.

And we’re excited to offer your business the same path to success.

Built to Back Your Business

Over the last eight years, we’ve built an online notarization platform that exceeds any industry standard, and our instant, constant availability allows industries to reimagine how they work. 

We’ve made the process of validating identity and establishing a video connection faster and more reliable, while introducing numerous tools that ensure the notary meeting is successful and completed with less errors.

When your company implements Notarize Panels, the notaries in your panel automatically get these enhancements to complete meetings faster and with great reliability. These enhancements include:

  • Our Quick Stamp tool helps reduce errors and meeting length by applying state-compliant notarial certificates. 
  • Our In-Meeting Compliance Checklist helps notaries maintain the rules and regulations of their state when executing an online notarization. 
  • Our Notary Notes feature helps customers pass instructions to support both signers and notaries as they complete complex forms.

The results of these improvements – and our years of platform enhancements – speak for themselves:

  • 90% of calls on the platform are answered in less than one second
  • The average notary meeting length is 6 minutes:
         We've reduced Real Estate closing times by 29%, now 14.87 minutes
         We've reduced Retail meeting times by 38%, now 5.76 minutes
         We've reduced Business meeting times by 39%, 5.29 minutes
  • We average a 4.96 out of 5 CSAT score across millions of transactions

An organization that completes 1 million notarizations per year can save approximately 17,000 workdays in human capital by leveraging our work to optimize an online notary experience.

Adopting Notarize Panels and customizing your service options would help unblock your employees so they can focus on high-touch clients or projects with greater revenue potential.

On Demand When You Can’t Be

We know that our customers’ in-house notary teams can’t be online 24/7. This means Enterprise organizations run into issues at scale, during hours of peak volume, and outside of traditional business hours. 

On the Notarize platform:

  • 20% of customers attempt to connect with an in-house notary outside of traditional business hours (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
  • 6.5x more consumers abandon meetings with an in-house notary versus a meeting with an on-demand notary

As a result, 45% of all transactions intended for in-house notaries are ultimately handled by the Notarize Network and its on-demand notary community using a configurable feature called Overflow. Ninety-four percent of Notarize customers leverage Overflow to augment off-peak hours, weekends, or to meet their SLAs.

This tells us that virtually every company needs our best-in-class platform backed by our best-in-class Notarize Network.

New Opportunities for Notaries

Notarize Panels also offer exciting opportunities for independent notaries on the Notarize Network. Through this new functionality, businesses can reward notaries with low error rates or a high customer satisfaction score by adding them to a Notarize Panel that will give them access to their business volume. 

For notaries on the Notarize Network with existing business relationships, this is a great way to grow with the business. A company can digitize its operations without losing the rapport you’ve built with the company and its customers over the years.

Where a traditional notary may be limited to what business they can source locally, Notarize Panels is another way in which we’re connecting notaries to a broader set of opportunities across the digital economy.

Availability and Getting Started

Notarize Panels are now available for Enterprise customers, and will be available to all customers later this year. Enterprise users should connect with their Customer Success Manager to get started.

We are excited for the control and convenience Notarize Panels will provide your business – and by extension, your customers.


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