Online. Every Time. For a More Sustainable Future.

Our Commitment

Notarize is committed to helping individuals and companies go fully digital by digitizing mission-critical transactions and removing the need for the legacy, paper-based processes that both slow them down and can have a negative impact on the environment.

Enhancing the Legacy Process

Americans notarize 1.25B documents each year. From adopting a child to buying a home or selling or buying a car, many of life’s most important moments require notarization. Despite the massive volume of transactions, the legacy, paper-based notarization process continues to be burdensome and almost every transaction requires a surprising amount of car travel, printing, copying, shipping, and time - all of which have a material, negative impact on the environment.

While the average transaction expends only a moderate amount of carbon (~2-10 Kg of green house gas equivalent emissions), given the scale of the annual notarization market, these environmental costs collectively add up to a material impact on GHG equivalent emissions. Online notarization is a simple but significant way to transform the way documents are executed and make a meaningful difference in the reduction of carbon emissions, moving us all collectively towards a more sustainable future.

The Impact of Online Notarization at a Glance

The Notarize platform allows analog transactions to take place digitally, having a material impact on the environment due to decreased driving, printing, and shipping. At scale, the GHG savings are impactful and growing.

By 2031,

digitizing the entire notarization market across all industries is expected to reduce nearly four million metric tons of GHG emissions, or the equivalent of over 800,000 cars a year.

Eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions

of all notarizations is equivalent to removing the emissions of...

(In 2020, ~3.2M metric tons GHG)
(In 2017, ~2.6M metric tons GHG)
or the city of Paris
(In 2020, ~3.2M metric tons GHG)

We have been diligently building the infrastructure needed to make remote online notarizations compliant,

simple, and secure since 2015. We launched the company knowing we could expand access to notaries to anyone in the US, while also evolving the legacy process to make it more delightful for customers. Years later, a global pandemic created a greater need for safety and convenience for transactions, and now online notarizations also have the ability to support pen-and-paper industries in their ESG goals,” said Pat ​​Kinsel, founder and CEO of Notarize. “The data tells us just how impactful this is — not only for consumers but also for waste prevention and sustainability efforts for nearly every business.”

Pat Kinsel
CEO of Notarize