Free Notarizations For Federal Employees During Government Shutdown

The current government shutdown has lasted an historic 24 days, leaving federal employees searching for answers while their world has been flipped upside down.

We want to do our small part to help. Beginning today, Notarize is offering free notarizations during the government shutdown for all federal employees who sign up for an account with a .gov email address.

Federal employees across the country are facing plenty of uncertainty. Though they are out of work, they have been told not to accept outside job opportunities, receive GoFundMe payments, and that they won’t be paid for sick days they take during the shutdown.

It's left thousands of workers across the country fighting for ways to support their families.

“Life doesn’t stop just because the government is shut down,” said Notarize CEO Pat Kinsel. “We provide a service for the people, and believe that everyone involved should still be able to be supported during this difficult time.”

We appreciate public sector employees and all the work that they do.

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