Faster, better, paperless closings.

Together with ResWare, we’ve reimagined the title production workflow, making it more productive, centralized, and efficient.

Now you can send any document package from ResWare to Notarize for instant eSign and eNotarization, enabling your borrowers to complete the closing online 24x7, no matter where they're located.

No more printing, shipping, or scanning documents. Better for you, better for signers (and better for Planet Earth).

Why use Notarize + ResWare?
  • Eliminate tedious tasks: No more scanning paper documents, downloading, printing, and re-uploading documents into ResWare. Get all your notarized documents in one place.
  • Increase automation and efficiency: Automate tasks so you can focus on those that require more of your expertise. With ResWare, agents save an average of 85 minutes, open to close.
  • Experience greater quality control: Review documents after the fact or search through the original files in an easy, orderly fashion.
  • Make more per closing: Loans are costly to process. Receive notarized documents, allowing you to record, fund, and send documents immediately.