Your Personal Information - Your choice. 


Under the new California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), California residents are entitled to make a number of requests about personal information that Notarize has obtained from you or about you.   

At Notarize we value your privacy and your right to control how your data is used.  We embrace the policy underlying the CCPA and that’s why we are accepting requests about personal information from all our US customers, whether from California or any other US state. 

We offer you a number of options regarding your personal information.  We provide you with this form to help you make requests about your personal information as easily as possible. In addition to using this form, you may also submit your requests by emailing

Please be sure to take a look at our Privacy Policy. It will provide you with useful information about what personal information of yours Notarize collects,  how we use your personal information and if it's shared and with whom and for what purposes.



Requesting Your Personal Information from Notarize

What can I request?

There are three kinds of requests you can make to us regarding your personal information:

(1) A Request Not to Sell your personal information outside your intended and agreed uses when you came to see us in the first place. 

(2) A Request to Know what categories of information we have about you, or what specific items of personal information we have about you. 

(3) A Request to Delete your personal information. 

Please know that the law creates rules and restrictions around each of the three kinds of Requests.  When we respond to your Request, we’ll explain what we were able to do and why we were not able to comply with any part of a Request, if that turns out to be the case. 

How will you confirm my identity in connection with a request?

Please also know that the law requires us to take certain steps to validate the identity of a person making one of the below Requests.  This is to prevent malicious parties from affecting your personal information by pretending to be you.  We explain below what “level” of identity verification is appropriate for each kind of Request.  However, if for any reason we feel it reasonable to ask for further evidence of your identity we reserve the right to do so to ensure the safety of all of our Users’ personal information.

How do I make a request for my personal information?

Fill out the form below to make a request for Notarize to provide you with information about or delete your personal information.



The Types of Personal Information Requests You Can Make
In the form above, you'll see fields about the three types of requests explained below.

"Do Not Sell My Info"

You have the right to opt-out of the “Sale” (including renting, releasing, disclosing and so forth) of your personal information by Notarize. It is our policy that we do not sell, rent or provide your personal information to third parties such as data brokers or advertisers.  See our Privacy Policy for full details.  Nonetheless, we still wish provide you with an opportunity to indicate your preference regarding the sale of your personal information.  

"Request to Know"

You have right to know what personal information Notarize has collected, sold, or disclosed about you in the past 12 months.  You also have the right, subject to certain additional legal limitations, to obtain a copy of personal information collected about you during the last 12 months.  See our Privacy Policy for more details. 

"Delete My Data"

You have the right to request that Notarize and its service providers delete any personal information that they have collected about you.  The law includes various exceptions, meaning Notarize may be able to keep certain personal information we have collected about you because we have a valid reason to do so.  We will tell you about any applicable exceptions once we review your Request. 

Verifying your Identity: We must collect sufficient information from you to confirm that you are you.  We must validate your identity in a very thorough way to prevent others from attempting to have your personal information deleted without your consent.   

Request Information by an Agent

If you use an authorized agent to submit your request, your agent will need to provide a copy of your written permission for the agent to act on your behalf with respect to your privacy rights your own identity will need to be verified.